IT Communications Solutions Are Underutilized

IT Communications Solutions Are Underutilized

Untapped PotentialUntapped Potential

71% of employees said they use—at most—just half of a communication tool’s features. Nearly 40% said they have access to communications tools they don’t know how to use, so they never use them.

School's OutSchool’s Out

One-third said they don’t receive training for communications tools. Of those that do get training, half said they receive less than 30 minutes.

Unsolicited OpinionUnsolicited Opinion

77% of employees said they’re not consulted before a new communications tool is rolled out, and 58% said they’re not consulted on the tool’s usefulness post-implementation.

Communications Tools ProvidedCommunications Tools Provided

Email: 97%, Desk Phone: 86%, Video conferencing: 70%, Teleconferencing: 69%, Mobile phone: 68%

Personal TouchPersonal Touch

74% of employees prefer face-to-face communications. 56% spend at least two hours a day in face-to-face meetings and 30% spend more than five hours in these meetings.


69% said they use wireless communications tools in meetings, and 76% admit they get distracted by these devices during meetings.

Rough StartRough Start

44% of IT managers said it’s difficult to implement a new unified communications solution, and 54% seek a third-party provider to help with this.


85% of these managers support communications tools outside of normal office hours, as nearly one-half of employees work more than five hours a week outside the office.

Communications BreakdownCommunications Breakdown

Four out of five managers said 25% of support calls are related to malfunctioning communications tools.

Risky BusinessRisky Business

68% of the IT managers said the variety of communications devices that employees access is creating security risks.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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