What to Expect from Apple’s iPhone 5 Event

Apple announced on Sept. 4 that it’ll be holding a special iPhone 5 event in San Francisco on Sept. 12. The company hasn’t said what it has planned for the show, but the invitation clearly showed that the iPhone 5 will be taking center stage.

Of course, that isn’t much of a surprise. For months now, we ve been hearing that Apple would be hosting an event to unveil its next-generation smartphone. And for the last several weeks, every rumor has said that the Sept. 12 event was in the works. Now that it’s official, the only thing to really look forward to is the event itself.

The event will be headlined by Apple’s next iPhone. But it’ll also be home to a host of other things, including statistics, software and maybe even some underhanded comments designed to take Android down a peg or two.

Like everything else Apple does, its Sept. 12 event will be a show. And it’ll be a fun one to watch. The real question is what will Apple offer besides a look at the iPhone 5? Here’s a look at what else might happen.

1. That bigger display is coming

It’s a near-certainty that Apple will offer up a bigger display in the iPhone 5. Nearly every day, new manufacturing parts leak out showing what appears to be a 4-inch opening for an iPhone 5 screen. Other days, actual iPhone 5 mockups appear on the Web showing the same display size. Given that, it’s nearly impossible Apple won’t offer up a new display when its iPhone 5 is announced next week.

2. 4G LTE

At the same time, Apple needs to play catch up with competitors, like the Samsung Galaxy S III, that come with 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) service. The future of mobile connectivity relies on the ultra-high-speed networking, and to not offer that in the iPhone 5 would be a mistake.

3. More statistics than you care about

It wouldn’t be an Apple event if the company fails to offer up statistic after statistic on what makes its products to popular. From increased sales to app downloads to revenue developers generate, expect Apple to do everything it can to prove its products superiority.

4. More discussions on iOS 6

Apple’s iOS 6 will likely launch at the same time as the iPhone 5. Therefore, Apple will likely spend a chunk of its time during the press event discussing its next operating system. Part of that will be a recap, but don’t be surprised if Apple offers up something else it hasn’t yet divulged.

5. A lack of Tim Cook

Apple’s latest press events have left Tim Cook largely behind the curtain. In fact, the Apple CEO makes an appearance in the beginning, hands it off to other executives, and then recaps at the end. Don’t expect Tim Cook to spend too much time in the spotlight on Sept. 12.

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CIO Insight Staff
CIO Insight Staff
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