CIO Inisght Tools and Ziff Davis Enterprise Tools: Frequently Asked Questions

  • The download link doesn’t work, why?
  • Why do I need to register with the site in order to download?
  • What happens to the files I previously downloaded?
  • What sort of support can I expect for these files?
  • Where do I get help if I have difficulty signing up, logging in, or downloading a file?
  • Where do I report bugs?
  • Will there be new files? 

    The download link doesn’t work, why?

    The current download mechanism works as follows:

    1. Registration is required in order to download a premium file.
    2. When you click on a download link, if you are not already signed-in to the site, (if you see “Welcome ” in the top section of the site, you’re signed in) you’ll be asked to sign in or register for the program.
    3. When you register, or successfully sign in, the download should begin.

    This process can break down in a few scenarios:

    1. Your browser is not accepting cookies.
      If possible, shut down your cookie management software or set it to allow cookies from this site. Then try again.
    2. Firewall software may be blocking the download
      If you’re using ZoneAlarm, ZoneAlarm Pro, or EZ Firewall (commonly installed for RoadRunner, BrightHouse, Time Warner cable internet customers), try the following:

      If “Mobile Code Control” is enabled, the custom “Block mime-type integrated objects” setting must be disabled or the download won’t start. Here are the specific instructions for checking/changing this setting:

      1. Open ZA’s main window.
      2. Click the Privacy tab on the left.
      3. If it’s not already active, click the Main tab at the top.
      4. Look in the Mobile Code Control section. If this is set to Off, no other changes are necessary. If it’s set to either On or Custom:
      5. Click the Custom button.
      6. If it’s not already active, click the Mobile Code tab at the top.
      7. Make sure the Block mime-type integrated objects box is not checked. (No other settings have to change on this page)
      8. Click OK.
    3. META-REFRESH is not Enabled
      META-REFRESH may be required to initiate the download. Please enable per the following instructions.
      For Internet Explorer 5.x and 6.x:

      1. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
      2. Select the Security tab.
      3. Select Internet in the Web Content Zone.
      4. Click Custom Level.
      5. Scroll down to Miscellaneous.
      6. Find Allow META-REFRESH and select Enable.
      7. Click OK and then OK again.

    Here are some other common problems and solutions:

    1. Help! I can’t download any files except “util.htm”. What can I do?
      Cause: This is most likely caused by a known bug with Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5.5, Service Pack 1 (SP1).
      There are several solutions:

      1. Download Microsoft’s security patch that fixes this bug. This does not require you to upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer. -OR-
      2. Upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer, or try an alternative browser such as Netscape Navigator or Mozilla. -OR-
      3. Instead of “save to disk,” select “open file from current location.” If your system can open .zip archives, this will open the archive file and you should be able to install the utility by clicking on the installer, which is usually named setup.exe.
    2. You see a Thank You page, but still can’t download.
      Cause: This is either caused by a legacy browser or by a personal firewall.

      • Legacy browser issue.
        Some older browsers do not function correctly with the Yaga service (Netscape 4.74, for example)
        Resolution: You should be able to click the “if download does not start immediately” link to get the file.
      • Personal firewall.
        Some users have reported problems with Norton Personal Firewall/Norton Internet Security.
        Resolution: Temporarily disable firewall.

    If you’re still experiencing problems with the download link, send a note to [email protected].

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    Why do I need to register with the site in order to download?

    When you make a purchase from Ziff Davis Enterprise Tools you also become a registered member of the Ziff Davis Internet network of sites. We do this to give you a single login that lets you access both the Enterprise Tools downloads; and site features such as talkbacks, members-only downloads, member ratings and message boards.

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    What happens to the files I previously downloaded?

    Nothing. You can continue to use the files you downloaded prior to July 23, 2004. However, you will have to purchase any updates.

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    What sort of support can I expect for these files?

    If you have questions about the tools, please contact the editors at Baseline; about premium research, contact the editors at CIO Insight, a Ziff Davis publication.

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    Where do I get help if I have difficulty signing up, logging in, or downloading a file?

    If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact us at [email protected].

    Please note: Registration and access require cookies to be enabled on your computer. If you are having problems with authentication or downloading, please make sure your browser is configured to accept cookies.

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    Where do I ask questions or report bugs?

    Please contact us here for Baseline tools.

    Please contact us here for information on CIO Insight premium research.

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    Will there be new files?

    Absolutely. We expect to add 5 or more new files and updates every month.

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