For Big Companies, Search Just Doesn’t Cut It

Search has done more to transform the Internet than anything but the Web itself. Ask any question you want and Google or one of its siblings will pick the relevant documents from the billions available online.

Of course, it will also pick dozens or hundreds of others; and it can’t really verify the document’s history or its ownership, its accuracy or legitimacy or, really, anything except that its keywords are spelled the same as those you asked about.

Not a great set of features for an enterprise content-access system.

Many companies are finding tremendous benefits by installing search technology on their networks, but the promises of search, even if they’re fulfilled, fall far short of what a sophisticated corporation needs to access or control its information.

This story will give you the tools you need to understand search, and how it fits in your organization, as well as the questions you need to ask your data managers, your executive board, and yourself.

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