Special Report: Data Security

Is your company’s information safe from thieves, hackers and careless employees? Chances are, it’s not as secure as it could be. With detailed analysis, case studies and opinion pieces, CIO Insight’s Annual Security Issue tackles the growing challenges in protecting critical corporate data.

September 2006 Security Survey: CIOs Need to Fill Holes in Security and Privacy Policies
Companies have yet to adopt and enforce many basic practices for protecting customer, employee and corporate data.

Technology: Encryption 101
Encrypted data is plenty secure. The trick is to decide what data to encrypt, how best to manage the keys and how to
make the process as transparent as possible.

September 2006 Security Survey: CIOs Have High Confidence in Security Vendors
Faith in antivirus and antispyware software vendors, along with wider adoption of enterprisewide security strategies, are two major reasons most IT executives believe their security is adequate.

Expert Voices: Visa’s Mike Dreyer
As CIO of Inovant, Visa’s IT subsidiary, Mike Dreyer is in charge of protecting what is arguably the world’s greatest treasure trove of personal data. So what’s his security philosophy? Failure is not an option.

Online Fraud: Hired Gun Hunts Phishers
Specialized services boost corporate security by focusing on global scams.

Field Report: Security in the World of Web 2.0

Web 2.0 has taken the Internet by storm. But as more applications are served up over the Web, companies are punching dangerous new holes in their firewalls.

See Also: Symantec’s David Thompson on the Brave New World of Web 2.0

September 2006 Security Survey: Despite Security Problems, Confidence in IT Security Remains

Three out of four IT executives say their company’s IT security is adequate. But that’s not keeping security spending and staffing from going up.

The Trouble With WiFi
CIOs need to be more careful about protecting the enterprise against wireless threats.

Larry Downes: If It Ain’t Broke…
The federal government has shown some stunning ineptitude in protecting its citizens’ personal data. Is this really the organization we want managing the Internet? Of course not.

Case Study: Mohegan Sun and the Future of Data Security

At Mohegan Sun, customer data is protected just like money: in a vault, behind three security checkpoints and a set of steel doors. It’s the melding of the physical and IT worlds, and it’s the future of information security.

See Also: Candid Cameras at Mohegan Sun

September 2006 Security Survey: Security Breaches Strike One in Three Companies
More than three-quarters of IT executives say their companies have adequate IT security. But a close look at actual security practices shows widespread vulnerabilities. Is it a classic case of overconfidence?

Technology: GPS Keeps Parolees on a Short, Smart Leash
States like Florida and New Mexico use high-tech devices to keep paroled convicts in check and they hope, out of prison.

Q&A: Jeffrey M. Stanton on the Art of Employee Surveillance
There is more to data security than monitoring your staff’s Web activities. Reward them for exercising good judgment on company security and employees begin to police themselves.

The Death of Privacy
Tepid legislation and increasingly jaded consumers are conspiring to kill off privacy as we know it, while the collection of personal data continues unabated. What will it take to make corporate America take privacy seriously?

See also: Privacy’s Preemptive Strike

Other Security Stories:

Security: Safe Savings for MedicAlert
New intrusion detection system allows customers to check records online, reducing overhead costs.

Technology: Enterprise Rights Management Aims Digital Rights at Sensitive Documents
Enterprise-rights management is still in its early stages, but most CIOs acknowledge a need for better document security.

Bleak Prospects for Corporate Data Center
How safe is your data? Not very, according to a recent AFCOM study of top issues in the data center.

30 Trends for 2006: Pursuit of the Frictionless Business Platform
It’s not enough to run a cost-saving, well-aligned IT group anymore. This year’s CIOs have to build platforms that can make their companies flexible, frictionless, “flat” and able to use technology to increase revenue as well as keep the infrastructure running.

Intellectual Security: Patent Everything You Do, Before Someone Else Does
Fortified IP portfolios are the best defense against proliferating “business-method” patents.

Outsourced Security: An Idea CIOs Loathe
If outsourcing security is such a good business decision, why isn’t everyone doing it?

CIO Insight Staff
CIO Insight Staff
CIO Insight offers thought leadership and best practices in the IT security and management industry while providing expert recommendations on software solutions for IT leaders. It is the trusted resource for security professionals who need network monitoring technology and solutions to maintain regulatory compliance for their teams and organizations.

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