Special Report: Eye on Government IT

Technology has become a key competitive advantage for companies of all industries. But when it comes to the U.S. government, the strategic use of information technology—for security, disaster recovery, healthcare and the protection of basic rights—has never been more important. How well is technology being applied to meet the needs of the public sector in the Information Age? Read on for case studies, expert opinion and emerging trends.

Case Study: Borderline Success at the Department of Homeland Security

A billion dollars into the development of its biometric-screening program, the Department of Homeland Security just may have stumbled onto some lessons for future government IT projects.

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E-Voting: Will Your Vote Count?

The 2000 presidential election underscored the dire need for voting transformation. But six years later, a litany of problems remains. Can the government restore confidence in e-voting?

Information Sharing: LAPD Starts to Connect the Dots

Can federal, state, county and local authorities effectively collect and share information? An initiative launched in the wake of 9/11 aims to break old habits and better protect the homeland.


  • CIO Interview: Corey Booth of the SEC on Catching the Bad Guys

    New technologies are helping the Securities and Exchange Commission in its effort to get more user-friendly.

  • Domestic Security: FEMA Phones Home

    The emergency response agency is planning a new nationwide digital alert system.

  • Technology: The U.S. Army Bets on Bots

    Artificially intelligent avatar Sgt. Star is expected to help improve dwindling recruitment.

  • The War on Healthcare

    The U.S. Military is often criticized for overspending on its convoluted bureaucracy. But when it comes to electronic patient records, Uncle Sam may just be the model of healthcare efficiency.

  • Ira Winkler: Security is Easier—And Crooks Are Dumber—Than You Think

    Security consultant and former National Security Agency spook Ira Winkler says simple and widely available technology can greatly increase data security—if only companies would use it.

  • Feds Flunk Security 101

    In the first major study of government agencies, the GAO finds “pervasive weakness” in information-security at 24 major U.S. agencies.

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