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By CIOinsight  |  Posted 06-09-2006

CIO Insight's Leadership Center includes interviews and columns by leadership gurus like John Kotter, Warren Bennis, Larry Bossidy and Robert Sutton, whiteboards on leadership development, and original research on the CIO role, leadership effectiveness, and leadership development.

Featured Story:

  • Management: IT Education and The Modern-Day MBA
    Business schools are finally beginning to integrate IT education into their traditional curricula in an attempt to mirror the real world.


  • Management: Do CIOs Really Need a Seat at the Executive Table?
  • The Downside Managing of Up: Can a CIO Become too Strategic?
  • Groom or Recruit: Succession Planning for CIOs
  • TableTalk: CIOs on Corporate Boards
  • Does it Take a Psychopath to Make a Good CIO?

    Case Studies:

  • The New New-Media Company: Thomson Aims to Cultivate Able Managers
  • GM's Ralph Szygenda: The Fifteen-Billion-Dollar Man
  • Precious Moments, Inc.: Building a Company, and its IT, in 90 Days
  • Catalyst: Jane Treadwell: Australia's Bureaucracy Buster
  • VF Corporation: Dressed for Success
  • Royal Caribbean: Murphy's Law: Navigating change

    Expert Voices:

  • Allan Loren: What Does the CEO Really Need from a CIO?
  • Robert I. Sutton: Making a Case for Evidence-Based Management
  • Jeanne Ross: the New Alignment Target
  • Thomas Davenport: Knowledge Workers Need Better Management
  • Joel Gruber: RouteOne CIO's Life in Fast Lane
  • Ian Mitroff: Crisis Management—The Benefits of Controlled Paranoia
  • Larry Bossidy: Get Real (April 2005)
  • Austin Adams: Sourcing Strategies at JMorgan Chase
  • Campbell's Soup CIO Doreen Wright speaks out on HR, IT
  • Citigroup's Debby Hopkins: Confessions of a Former CFO
  • John Kotter: Hearts & Minds
  • Ellen Kitzis: Good Enough for Now
  • Larry Bossidy on Getting It Done (June 2002)
  • Ricardo Semler: Set Them Free
  • Richard Nolan, David Croson and Robert Johansen: Renaissance CIOs


  • 2006 Leadership Survey: Are You the Leader You Think You Are?
  • 2003 Leadership Survey: Are Successful Leaders Born or Made?
  • 2006 CIO Role Survey: Achievement is the Issue, Not Survival
  • 2005 CIO Role Survey: Meet the Hybrid CIO: Well-Paid and Powerful
  • 2004 CIO Role Survey: Do You Have the Right Stuff?
  • 2003 CIO Role Survey: Are Budget Pressures Overwhelming You?
  • 2002 CIO Role Survey: The CIO's Role

    2006 Top Trends:

  • Top Trend #12: More women will become CIOs
  • Top Trend #13: More CIOs will report to COOs


  • Stephen Haeckel: How to Create and Lead An Adaptive Organization
  • Sheila Smith and Mary Silva: How to Develop IT Leaders
  • David Shpilberg, Steve Berez and Sam Israelit: Merger Integration Blueprint: Combining IT departments for better results.

    Warren Bennis' "Leading Edge" columns:

  • Common Ground: Net Generation—and WWII Generation—leaders
  • Dare to Doubt: Why decisiveness is overrated
  • "Free" Speech Has Consequences: The case of Larry Summers
  • Google's Growth Engine: Why Google is a "Great Group"
  • Making Staffs Creative, And Keeping Them That Way
  • No Lone Rangers: The value of coalition-building
  • Putting Passionate People to Work: Leaders know how to manage employees' enthusiasms
  • Share the Power: The benefits of collaboration.
  • Substance Over Style: Leadership is about timeless attributes, not personal style.
  • The Culture of Candor: boards must insist on openness and tolerance of dissent.
  • The Julius Caesar Syndrome: Failing to listen is fatal
  • The Leadership Development Paradox: How well does leadership development work?

    Robert Sutton's "Organizational Behavior" columns:

  • Damage Control: How progressive is your approach to cost-cutting and layoffs?
  • Forgive and Remember: The best managers don't play the blame game, or forgive and forget.
  • Management's 'Smart-Talk Trap'
  • Nasty People: Mean-spirited managers shouldn't be hired.
  • Renovating Innovation: Much of the advice on how to innovate is wrong.
  • The Best-Practices Trap: What works in one company may not in another.
  • The Enemy Next Door: Internal competition, without dysfunction.
  • When Arrogance Is Bliss: Sometimes companies need egomaniacs, but manage them carefully.

    Other columns on leadership:

  • Jeff Angus: 'Leadership' Myth Hides Need for Solid Managers
  • Jeff Angus: Remediating Toxic Managers II: Better Solutions
  • Jeff Angus: Recognizing Toxic Management and Crushing It
  • Marianne Broadbent: At C-level, Credibility Means Success. What your executive colleagues think of you matters.
  • Marianne Broadbent: Don't Just Implement Strategy. Evolve It. CIOs need to infuse business strategy with informed vision.
  • Marianne Broadbent: Why Governance Matters: Volatility and faster business cycles make alignment tougher.
  • Darwin John: Networked for Life. The value of joining associations
  • Darwin John: Team CIO: The CIO role is too big a job for just one person.


  • Edward Baker: Leading Alignment. Alignment requires strong leadership from every player.