Growing Up

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 01-10-2007
Like a kid brother who looks up to his older siblings, midsize businesses have a lot to learn from the billion-dollar behemoths that dominate the Fortune 500. And all indications are that in 2007, mid-market companies will be going to school in earnest. Among the new tricks midsize companies are expected to pick up next year are disaster recovery, outsourcing and business intelligence. But with limited budget and staffing constraints, the mid-market needs to get creative when it comes to emulating the big shots. Fortunately, there are ways it can be done. What follows are some examples of how IT will get done next year in the mid-market.

In this package:

Playing Catch-Up
Midsize companies need to tackle some major I.T. challenges in the year ahead if they want to join the big leagues.

Slideshow: Trends for 2007
Here's how smaller firms' I.T. strategies compare with those of larger companies.