Resource Center: Open Source

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 02-08-2007

  • Case Study: Bets the Shop on Open Source
    For, a small player in the outdoor sporting-goods market, the company's strategic commitment to open source keeps costs low and innovation high. The result is impressively fast growth.

  • IT Made Easy—and Open: HED
    At online show retailer, service is the strategy. So the IT team concentrates on building fast, flexible open-source systems. And they work.

  • Steven Weber on the Politics of Open Source
    Open source isn't just about better software, says Berkeley political scientist Steven Weber. It's about fostering creativity and challenging the status quo.

  • Technology: Open Source Tools Help Ease Integration Woes
    New integration software can help get your open-source software to work with proprietary systems.

  • Innovation and Consolidation: Strange Bedfellows
    Talks by two top tech vendor executives highlight the contrasting styles and strategies of open-source and proprietary software.

  • Open Source Becomes Everyday Software
    Open-source adoption is about strategic opportunity, innovation and independence from vendors.