Technology Focus: RFID in the Real World

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 09-22-2006

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) shows great promise for several industries, including retail, manufacturing and even health care. CIO Insight's special focus on this emerging technology highlights some of the most forward-thinking uses of RFID in the marketplace.

Gillette's Fusion Launch Makes a Good Business Case for RFID
For its biggest product launch ever, Gillette used electronic product codes to track retail compliance.

RFID: World Cup Tickets Get Smart
Organizers try to keep a lid on hooliganism and ticket scalping with embedded RFID chips.

Pfizer Uses RFID to Fight Viagra Counterfeiters
With counterfeiting a growing concern in the industry, one pharma seeks to safeguard a top seller.

Kimberly-Clark Believes in the Future of RFID
Kimberly-Clark has so much faith in RFID that it's built a whole warehouse just to test how to build and use radio tags to greatest effect, even knowing their real impact won't come for a couple of years.

P&G's End-to-End RFID Plan
Consumer products giant tests benefits of radio tags by tracking shaving products from its manufacturing plants to retailers' back rooms—and beyond.

Army Taps 3M for RFID Tracking of Medical Records
The Army signs a $3.76 million contract with 3M to keep an eye on files at its Fort Hood Army base.

City of Hoboken Using RFID in Parking Permits
Radio frequency identification is traveling deeper into the public sector.

Logan Airport to Demonstrate RFID Tracking
The airport will test chipless RFID tags and a tracking system that monitors passengers and their bags

Calculator: Figuring the ROI of RFID
This return-on-investment calculator shows why radio frequency ID tags are a tough sell for some companies.

RFID: How Big is the Security Risk?
Critics blast the privacy risks of RFID; but industry executives say that, as privacy risks go, RFID is more controllable than some.

RFID Gets Hammered
Security concerns over radio frequency identification technology seem to be coming to a head, as consumers express their dissatisfaction at security risks with hammers, hole punches and microwave ovens.

Thinking Out Loud: Filippo Passerini
Procter & Gamble's CIO discusses Gillette's use of RFID.

Thinking Out Loud: Terry Assink
The CIO of Kimberly-Clark tells about life on the bleeding edge of RFID.