10 Things to Know About the Cost of DNS Attacks

10 Things to Know About the Cost of DNS Attacks

Top Five Concerns About DNS Attack ProtectionTop Five Concerns About DNS Attack Protection

A majority of organizations worry about the cost of security solutions. 52% say the cost of security solutions, upfront and maintenance, is too high. 45% cite a lack of organizational awareness and priority. 38% say it’s difficult to maintain network availability during an attack. 35% are concerned about a lack of DNS-focused security solutions. 33% point to a lack of the right IT skill sets in-house.

Average Cost of Attack VariesAverage Cost of Attack Varies

Average cost associated with one hour of downtime due to a DNS attack is $105,710. This tally includes user productivity, lost revenue, increase in IT support costs and other operational costs.

DNS-Based Attack Costs for Large EnterprisesDNS-Based Attack Costs for Large Enterprises

Organizations with 1,000 or more employees report that an hour of downtime averages $186,111 in losses.

Damage Due to DNS-Based AttacksDamage Due to DNS-Based Attacks

DNS-based attacks result in significant damage for 43% of respondents.

How Concerned Should You Be About Downtime?How Concerned Should You Be About Downtime?

60% of respondents are highly concerned about downtime, loss of sensitive data and a negative impact on perception of the organization or brand.

Types of DNS Attacks ExperiencedTypes of DNS Attacks Experienced

The respondents report a variety of DNS-based attacks, but DDoS attacks are the new normal: DNS DDoS attacks: 76%, DNS cache poisoning: 33%, DNS exploits: 29%, UDP flood: 29%, DNS tunneling: 24%

How Many Organizations Suffer Significant Financial Impact?How Many Organizations Suffer Significant Financial Impact?

43% of organizations that experienced one of the above DNS-based attacks was hindered as a result. Of these, 29% say the impact was “extremely significant” and 14% say it was “significant.”

Length of DNS Service InterruptionLength of DNS Service Interruption

48% of respondents say DNS service interruptions due to DNS attacks lasted an average of 7 hours.

Length of Diminished Network ServiceLength of Diminished Network Service

48% of respondents say diminished network service lasted 18 hours, on average.

Likelihood of Adopting Solutions for DNS-Based AttacksLikelihood of Adopting Solutions for DNS-Based Attacks

66% of respondents say their organizations are somewhat likely to consider solutions during the next year. 36% say they are extremely likely or very likely to do so. Larger companies are the most likely to adopt solutions.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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