Can Characteristic-Based AI Fight Malware?

Can Characteristic-Based AI Fight Malware?

Can Characteristic-Based AI Fight Malware?Can Characteristic-Based AI Fight Malware?

Companies should adopt machine learning-based AI that depends on algorithms to detect, prevent, and mitigate malicious files and code based on characteristics.

Cyber-Security Noise IncreasesCyber-Security Noise Increases

Unused and cobbled-together technology increases cyber-security noise and could cause vulnerabilities, and C-level executives suffer from “security solution fatigue” because they must constantly evaluate products and cope with failures.

Companies Play Defense, Criminals InnovateCompanies Play Defense, Criminals Innovate

Organizations struggle to maintain and defend their assets, but cyber-criminals dedicate all their resources toward developing innovative new attack tools

Choosing the AI ImperativeChoosing the AI Imperative

Without defense-grade machine learning-based AI security solutions, critical infrastructure will lose the battle for cyber-space.

AI Is Embedded in MalwareAI Is Embedded in Malware

Most new malware includes intelligent deception, obfuscation and evasion components. It can alter its signature, regulate activities, generate lures, self-propagate, deliver other malware and maximize damage while minimizing its footprint.

Quantum Leap NeededQuantum Leap Needed

Cyber-security for critical infrastructure should rely on innovative machine learning-based AI anti-malware solutions that do not operate based on signatures or heuristics.

Beware Faux-AI SolutionsBeware Faux-AI Solutions

Avoid vendors with solutions that use imprecise algorithms that don’t draw from large enough data pools or don’t analyze files according to enough features.

Evaluate Machine Learning CapabilitiesEvaluate Machine Learning Capabilities

Some solution providers tout machine learning capabilities, but they really only offer exception-derived signatures to generic templates.


Instead of operating based on signatures or heuristics, solutions should be predictive and preventive, and should detect and mitigate threats before execution.
Machine learning AI endpoint security solutions should preempt and mitigate known and unknown malicious files and code based on characteristics.
Solutions should be able to scale to protect vital systems.

Uses of Characteristic-Based AIUses of Characteristic-Based AI

Detect and prevent authentication attacks using brute-force to access a data resource or sensitive system.
Monitor network traffic.
Detect applications that scan for network vulnerabilities.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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