Company Memo: We Can’t Protect Consumer Data

Company Memo: We Can’t Protect Consumer Data

Company Memo: We Can't Protect Consumer DataCompany Memo: We Can’t Protect Consumer Data

To avoid a public-relations nightmare, companies rely on privacy risk assessments and audits and invest in security awareness training sessions for staff.

Risk FactorRisk Factor

Less than one-third of survey respondents are “very” confident in their enterprise’s ability to ensure the privacy of its sensitive data.

Broken TrustBroken Trust

More than half do not think consumers today should feel confident that enterprises are adequately protecting their personal information (PI).

Top Negative Consequences of a Privacy BreachTop Negative Consequences of a Privacy Breach

Reputation decline: 80%, Legal action: 62%, Regulatory action: 60%. Unfavorable press coverage: 58%

Report CardReport Card

Two-thirds said the primary metric to measure their company’s effectiveness on privacy governance is the number of breaches/incidents experienced, while nearly half cite the number of privacy complaints received from customers/clients.

Best Practices, Part 1Best Practices, Part 1

75% said their organization’s use of privacy policies, procedures, standards and other management approaches is mandatory, while 19% indicate this is “recommended.”

Best Practices, Part IIBest Practices, Part II

46% said their company will perform a privacy risk assessment to monitor the effectiveness of its privacy program, while about two out of five said their organization will perform a privacy self-assessment and/or undergo a privacy audit.

Designated DutyDesignated Duty

Nine out of 10 said their organization has assigned someone to be accountable for privacy, with the Chief Information Security Officer or Chief Security Officer most likely to oversee this (within 23% of companies).

School in SessionSchool in Session

76% said their company provides privacy awareness training to staff.

Top Certifications Held by Privacy Management/StaffTop Certifications Held by Privacy Management/Staff

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA): 51%, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP): 36%, Certified Information Security Manager: (CISM): 34%

Biggest Barriers to the Establishment of a Privacy ProgramBiggest Barriers to the Establishment of a Privacy Program

Complexities of global legal/regulatory landscape: 49%, Lack of clarity on the mandate, roles and responsibilities: 39%, Absence of a privacy strategy and implementation road map: 37%

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
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