Confidence in Effective Cyber-Protection Wanes

Confidence in Effective Cyber-Protection Wanes

Confidence in Effective Cyber-Protection WanesConfidence in Effective Cyber-Protection Wanes

By Karen A. Frenkel

Low Confidence in Deployed Security TechnologiesLow Confidence in Deployed Security Technologies

27% of surveyed IT decision-makers said they are “confident” that technologies they have implemented will work against cyber-threats. 58% report being “somewhat confident” and are seeking alternatives.

Security Technologies in UseSecurity Technologies in Use

Respondents are using the following cyber-protection technologies: Traditional firewall: 86%, Anti-virus software: 71%, IDS/IPS technologies: 59%, Log management: 58%, SIEM: 44%

Cyber-Insurance Is Not PopularCyber-Insurance Is Not Popular

Despite concerns about cyber-vulnerability, only 21% of respondents said they have cyber-insurance.

Lack of PreparednessLack of Preparedness

Just 15% of respondents said their employees are “well-prepared” to spot the signs of an attack and react accordingly. 28% said they are well-prepared for a breach.

IT Infrastructure Is VulnerableIT Infrastructure Is Vulnerable

72% of respondents said their IT infrastructure is “not well protected” and is vulnerable to advanced persistent threats.

Rethinking InfrastructureRethinking Infrastructure

52% of respondents said rethinking their infrastructure to keep pace with advanced persistent threats is a priority.

Brand Reputation Is at RiskBrand Reputation Is at Risk

68% of respondents said their reputation is more at stake than their financials due to vulnerability to cyber-attacks. 19% said they could withstand a small financial hit while 13% said a cyber-attack would devastate them financially.

Top Security ConcernsTop Security Concerns

Areas of greatest concern are: Network perimeter: 23%, Endpoints: 21%, Web applications: 14%

Prioritized Security InitiativesPrioritized Security Initiatives

Respondents ranked security initiatives, in terms of priority, as follows: 1: Network monitoring, 2: Antivirus software, 3: Data encryption, 4: IT security professional, 5: Cyber-insurance policy, 6: Provider of managed services

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