Digital Transformation Impacts Cyber Security

Digital Transformation, Innovation Affect Security

Digital Transformation, Innovation Affect SecurityDigital Transformation, Innovation Affect Security

As a result of digital transformation and innovation—including the growth of public clouds—many organizations are changing their cyber-security strategies.

Changing Security StrategiesChanging Security Strategies

69% of the executives responding to the survey said digital transformation and innovation are forcing major changes to their security strategies.

Increasing SpendingIncreasing Spending

64% of respondents will boost security spending to protect their organization from security threats.

Technologies Causing Security ConcernsTechnologies Causing Security Concerns

Public cloud software: 65%,
Big data applications: 63%,
Mobile business applications: 61%

Making Security a PriorityMaking Security a Priority

32% of the executives surveyed said security investments will increase in 2017. 74% of CIOs and CISOs said security was a higher priority in 2016 than in 2015.

How Companies Fought HackersHow Companies Fought Hackers

Expanded vulnerability discovery and remediation: 60%,
Invested in employee security training: 57%,
Upgraded or introduced antivirus or anti-malware software, and intrusion detection/prevention systems: 54%,
Put more resources into defending against zero-day exploits: 30%

Security Priorities That Will IncreaseSecurity Priorities That Will Increase

Protecting against and responding to known security threats: 64%,
Detecting successful security breaches: 48%,
Defending against zero-day attacks: 47%

2017 Security Investments2017 Security Investments

IT and automated patching systems: 49%,
Cloud-based security tracking and management services: 49%,
Breach detection systems: 47%,
Data protection and compliance: 41%

Holding Employees AccountableHolding Employees Accountable

52% of the executives surveyed said accountability for security breaches has increased for their operations group.

Disagreeing About Security ThreatsDisagreeing About Security Threats

33% of CIOs think public clouds have an extreme impact on security, whereas only 21% of CISOs think that.

Creating a Culture of SecurityCreating a Culture of Security

Cultivating a corporate culture that makes everyone responsible for cyber-security is an important goal for 54% of the executive respondents, who said they will take this step during 2017.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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