How Analytics Helps Crime Fighters

How Analytics Helps Crime Fighters

How Analytics Helps Crime FightersHow Analytics Helps Crime Fighters

Analytics and intelligence-led policing can provide an invaluable resource for crime solving, yet a lack of funding often hinders its adoption.

Crime-Fighting Analytics SoftwareCrime-Fighting Analytics Software

34% of respondents said they use crime-fighting software, roughly the same as last year. 93% said they expect crime analytics software to become more widely used in the future.

Crime-Fighting Software Adoption Rates LagCrime-Fighting Software Adoption Rates Lag

Asked why crime-fighting software adoption rates are not higher, 66% cited a lack of funds.

Law Enforcement UsesLaw Enforcement Uses

Of those using some form of technology to fight crime, 77% say they analyze social media for intelligence, and 60% analyze social networks to uncover gang activity.

Crime Analytics Software in ActionCrime Analytics Software in Action

30% for drug-related crime, 25% for gang violence and crime, 20% for gun-related crime, 18% for fraud and financial crime, 17% for sex crimes

If I Had the Money…If I Had the Money…

50% of respondents said they would use advanced crime analytics to fight drug crimes. 40% say they would use it specifically to investigate fraud and financial crimes.

Software Trumps CamerasSoftware Trumps Cameras

Respondents said they would prefer allocating funds to crime-fighting software rather than body cameras, if they had a choice.

Benefits of Crime Analytic SoftwareBenefits of Crime Analytic Software

Better, faster discovery of relationships between data: 63%, Being able to solve crimes faster: 47%, Being able to make better use of mobile phone data, emails, social media history and other data in investigations: 45%

Greatest Impediment to Deploying Analytics SoftwareGreatest Impediment to Deploying Analytics Software

The greatest impediment to deploying analytic software for fighting crime is having a limited budget, according to 63% of respondents. The second: perceived high cost (45% of respondents).

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
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