IT Needs Help Against Cybercriminals

IT Needs Help Against Cybercriminals

Watch Out for the Big OneWatch Out for the Big One

Four in 10 IT professionals—41%—believe it’s only a matter of time before a major cyberattack takes aim at critical infrastructure.

Vulnerabilities? What Vulnerabilities?Vulnerabilities? What Vulnerabilities?

A general inability to safeguard security vulnerabilities has prompted 30% of IT professionals to ignore the vulnerabilities that could result in security nightmares.

More Tools NeededMore Tools Needed

More sophisticated tools are needed to analyze the many security risks impacting the enterprise, according to 28% of respondents.

A Moment of TruthA Moment of Truth

55% say they cannot truthfully assure board members that their company is secure from outside threats.

Gauging Success Is DifficultGauging Success Is Difficult

Trying to demonstrate success in security is becoming increasingly difficult. In fact, 51% of IT professionals say they have no metrics to show success at securing a corporate network.

Degrees of UnderstandingDegrees of Understanding

Although IT professionals know what they need to secure their networks, 40% say that when they explain their needs, board members can’t understand what they mean, making it difficult to invest appropriately in security solutions.

Communication Is KeyCommunication Is Key

A majority of IT professionals—60%—say they have no idea whether board members could understand their security needs, indicating a need for more communication and better information.

A Lack of InsightA Lack of Insight

Due to data overload, 44% of companies say they don’t know whether they’re being hacked at any given moment.

Network Visibility Is LackingNetwork Visibility Is Lacking

Can you see into your network? Just 43% of IT professionals say that they have visibility into their global network. Put another way, nearly six in 10 IT pros can’t see into their networks, effectively leaving them blindfolded as they take on cybercriminals.

CIO Insight Staff
CIO Insight Staff
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