N. American Businesses Suffered the Most Breaches

Data breaches

1 - N. American Businesses Suffered the Most BreachesN. American Businesses Suffered the Most Breaches

North American businesses suffer the most data breaches, which are mainly due to employee carelessness. Smartphones are the main security concern of most firms.

2 - Data Protection Is Top PriorityData Protection Is Top Priority

Data protection is the major concern for 80% of the businesses in the study.

3 - Be Prepared for BreachesBe Prepared for Breaches

52% of them agree that IT security will be compromised at some point, so they need to be prepared.

4 - Mobile Sharing Causes ProblemsMobile Sharing Causes Problems

54% of businesses are challenged about how to address inappropriate use or sharing of data on mobile devices. This is the most vulnerable area of expertise organizations face.

5 - Smartphones Are Top Security ChallengeSmartphones Are Top Security Challenge

32% of North American businesses have seen a significant increase in smartphones, which pose the top IT security challenge.

6 - Smartphones Leave Businesses VulnerableSmartphones Leave Businesses Vulnerable

52% of these businesses think they are least protected against mobile security threats, such as inappropriate usage or sharing of data via mobile devices.

7 - Phishing, DDoS and RansomwarePhishing, DDoS and Ransomware

Worldwide, 37% of the companies studied have experienced at least one phishing attack, 17% have had a DDoS attack, and 20% have suffered a ransomware incident.

8 - Top Causes of Data BreachesTop Causes of Data Breaches

• People: 25%

• Malware: 22%

• Other: 17%

9 - North America Is Less ProtectedNorth America Is Less Protected

North American organizations are significantly less protected against attacks than businesses worldwide. 44% suffered four or more data breaches during the past 12 months, compared to 20% of worldwide companies.

10 - Employees at FaultEmployees at Fault

Businesses in North America claim that the top two reasons for the most serious data breaches were the actions of careless or uninformed employees (59%) and phishing/social engineering (56%).

Protecting Your CompanyProtecting Your Company

Ensure that employees are educated on company policies and procedures and practice them at work.

Traditional Measures Are InsufficientTraditional Measures Are Insufficient

Traditional measures like endpoint anti-malware protection, anti-phishing and vulnerability assessment are still important, but advanced intelligence software technologies combat the vast majority of these threats.

13 - New Approaches Are NeededNew Approaches Are Needed

To combat targeted attacks, exploitation of mobile devices and ransomware, new approaches are needed. The report states that this requires a “new way of thinking that aligns perception with reality so that protection addresses concerns and vulnerability simultaneously.”

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CIO Insight Staff
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