Nine Facts You Might Not Know About Bot Traffic

Nine Facts You Might Not Know About Bot Traffic

Bad Bots Are RisingBad Bots Are Rising

The report’s data indicated malicious bots account for 29% of all Website visits. Of those: 22% are impersonators, 3.5% are hacking tools, 3% are scrapers, 0.5% are spammers

Size Doesn't MatterSize Doesn’t Matter

Regardless of a site’s size, one-third of its traffic is from bots. For most sites, bot traffic is between 63% and 80%. Small Sites (1,000 visitors per day): 80% percent bots, Medium Sites (10,000 visitors per day): 63% bots, Large Sites (100,000 visitors per day): 56% bots

Absolute Average of Daily Visitors Is UnclearAbsolute Average of Daily Visitors Is Unclear

It’s difficult to say what the absolute average number of daily visitors is, but most Websites get fewer than 10,000 visits per day.

Impersonator Bots Are the Only Ones to GrowImpersonator Bots Are the Only Ones to Grow

The most advanced malicious bots–impersonator bots–are increasing. They are the only group of bots that consistently grew in the last three years since the survey began.

Impersonator Bots Are RisingImpersonator Bots Are Rising

Impersonator bots’ volume increased by 10% last year and by 15% since 2012. They are created by very experienced hackers and are designed increasingly for stealth.

Types of Impersonator BotsTypes of Impersonator Bots

Impersonator bots include:, Fake search engine bots, Bots with browser-like capabilities, DDoS bots, Bots masked by proxy servers

RSS Bot Activity DeclinesRSS Bot Activity Declines

Most of the decline in bot traffic is due to good bot activity, especially those associated with RSS services. This was not due to the shutdown of Google Reader; RSS bot activity declined across the board.

Googlebots Do Not Play FavoritesGooglebots Do Not Play Favorites

Googlebots crawl indiscriminately and with predetermined frequency regardless of a Website’s popularity. Result: smaller Websites receive a disproportionate percent of bot visitors (80%) compared to human visitors.

Bots and Your Bottom LineBots and Your Bottom Line

How are bots affecting bandwidth consumption and your bottom line? You can save money with better bot filtering practices in addition to better client site security.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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