Prepare for Disruption, Distortion, Deterioration

Prepare for Disruption, Distortion, Deterioration

Prepare for Disruption, Distortion, DeteriorationPrepare for Disruption, Distortion, Deterioration

Traditional business models will be disrupted, data will be distorted and falsified, and privacy regulations will impede firms from monitoring insider threats.

Premeditated Internet Outages Will Threaten TradePremeditated Internet Outages Will Threaten Trade

The core internet structure will be targeted as nations and terrorist groups try to inflict economic damage on adversaries.
Recommendation: Engage with internal and external stakeholders about alternative communication methods.

Ransomware Will Hijack the Internet of ThingsRansomware Will Hijack the Internet of Things

Ransomware will target smart physical devices, possibly endangering lives.
Recommendation: Engage with lobbyists for regulations to ensure security standards for IoT devices.

Insiders Will Be CoercedInsiders Will Be Coerced

Old-fashioned criminal techniques of coercion will target humans.
Recommendation: Identify your mission-critical information assets and the individuals who have access to them.

Automated Misinformation Will Gain CredibilityAutomated Misinformation Will Gain Credibility

Deliberately spreading misinformation, driven by advances in artificial intelligence (AI) personas, will target enterprise.
Recommendation: Build such scenarios into your organization’s incident management process.

False Information Will Compromise PerformanceFalse Information Will Compromise Performance

There will be more attacks that compromise an organizations’ internal information.
Recommendation: Monitor access and changes to sensitive information.

Blockchains Will Be SubvertedBlockchains Will Be Subverted

Blockchains (digital ledgers of cryptocurrency transactions) will be subverted in order to commit fraud or launder money, destroying trust.
Recommendation: Appoint a sponsor or steering committee to oversee the adoption and use of blockchain.

Surveillance Laws Will Expose Corporate SecretsSurveillance Laws Will Expose Corporate Secrets

Organizations will be unable to define the security management of data collected in bulk by communications providers, so attackers will exploit this.
Recommendation: Collaborate and conduct risk assessment of the impact of lost metadata.

Privacy Regulations Will Impede MonitoringPrivacy Regulations Will Impede Monitoring

Restrictions on individual profiling will force organizations to decide whether to defy regulations or to lose their ability to monitor insider threats.
Recommendation: Seek legal advice regarding user profiling wherever your company has locations.

Unexpected Outcomes in the Rush to AIUnexpected Outcomes in the Rush to AI

AI will go beyond the understanding of business leaders, developers and system managers, and, as a result, it will create new vulnerabilities.
Recommendation: Recruit and develop AI talent.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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