Is the Battle for Network Security a Lost Cause?

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 10-29-2013 Email

As if the sheer number of malware samples roaming the world isn’t enough to keep CIOs up at night, a new study from software security firm Lieberman Software has revealed that increasingly sophisticated hackers, coupled with state-sponsored hacking, have thrust most organizations' ability to protect themselves into a state of near-impossibility. "What was also striking was that more than a third [of the respondents] felt that their current IT infrastructure was insufficient in the face of a heavyset attack, yet not all of the respondents were prepared to do something about it," says Lieberman Software president and CEO Philip Lieberman. "I wonder if they feel that sitting tight and hoping for the best is efficient and sufficient protection." Snarky comments aside, Lieberman has a point: Is complacency the bane of the security professional's existence or is it the result of knowing that the odds of a company getting hacked are much higher than ever? Lieberman's remarks come from a study his company recently conducted at the BlackHat USA 2013 conference in Las Vegas. The event is held each year to educate attendees on the newest hacking techniques, making the 200 IT professions the software company surveyed uniquely qualified to discuss the threats they face and those they believe that they cannot address.

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