Mature Access Management Curtails Breaches

By Karen A. Frenkel  |  Posted 04-07-2017 Email

Enterprise security is failing, and one culprit is immature identity and access management (IAM), according to a new study, "Stop the Breach: Reduce the Likelihood of an Attack Through an IAM Maturity Model," which was conducted for Centrify by Forrester Consulting. In 2016, the report states, hackers compromised more than 1 billion identities. "Despite over $75 billion spent on cyber-security in 2016, the products and services from major security companies have failed to stop breaches from occurring, and, in fact, the problem is getting worse," said Tom Kemp, CEO of Centrify. The study surveyed 203 IT security decision-makers in charge of IAM. It measured the maturity of IAMs, and assigned them point values of 1 to 4. Level 1, Identity Assurance, tries to acquire more identifiers for authentication than just passwords. Level 2, Limited Lateral Movement, advances from merely confirming a user’s identity to confirming that granting privileged access to the system is controlled and automated. Level 3, Least Privilege, limits the access level of privileged accounts. Level 4, Monitored Privileged Use, is the most tightly controlled, and monitors and logs privileged access and actions.

Karen A. Frenkel writes about technology and innovation and lives in New York City.


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