10 Reasons Why Social Media Compliance Is Important

10 Reasons Why Social Media Compliance Matters

10 Reasons Why Social Media Compliance Matters10 Reasons Why Social Media Compliance Matters

Social media can help build a business, enhance a brand and attract customers, but it’s vital to have a policy that manages use and meets compliance standards.

Prevent Noncompliant MessagingPrevent Noncompliant Messaging

With proper compliance tools and policies in place, messages can be monitored for potentially misleading or inaccurate content about rates, products and services.

Protect Your Company's CredibilityProtect Your Company’s Credibility

Compliance—which involves proper messaging, following defined rules of engagement and considering the consequences of violating social media guidelines—can minimize the potential for employee or corporate missteps that could damage your brand.

Identify Internal RisksIdentify Internal Risks

Having the right checks and balances in place can help you quickly determine risks posed by employees who may be violating your social media policies—whether purposely or unintentionally.

Facilitate Timely Responses to Records RequestsFacilitate Timely Responses to Records Requests

Quickly and easily respond to information requests filed by regulators or the general public with information retained in its original format and context, including any content posted to social media platforms during a specific time period or conversation.

Explore New Avenues of CommunicationExplore New Avenues of Communication

Including social media usage in your compliance strategy and programs to manage risk makes it a viable component of your communications strategy and enables safe participation in social media opportunities that can establish your company as an industry thought leader.

Stay Off Regulatory RadarStay Off Regulatory Radar

Operating a compliant social media program will reduce the likelihood of creating content that might bring unwanted attention from regulators.

View the Breadth of the ConversationView the Breadth of the Conversation

Discussions often cross communications platforms: A social media post can turn into a discussion in an IM, then to email, then on a different social media site. Archiving for compliance purposes makes it easier to track and reproduce the conversation in its entirety across all platforms.

Close Gaps in OversightClose Gaps in Oversight

Gain greater confidence in your compliance program and its effectiveness by knowing how employees are using social media and by your ability to prove to regulators that employees follow proper procedures.

Put Your Company Ahead of the CurvePut Your Company Ahead of the Curve

Rather than waiting to see whether regulators will enforce social media guidelines, be proactive. Put the right system in place so you can be properly prepared and can begin enjoying the benefits of using social media effectively.

Let Employees Leverage Their Social ReachLet Employees Leverage Their Social Reach

Allow employees to use their personal networks to promote and grow your business—and to keep in touch with existing and potential clients—where and how they prefer to communicate, with tools they know how to use.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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