The Challenges of Managing Sensitive Documents

The Challenges of Managing Sensitive Documents

The Challenges of Managing Sensitive DocumentsThe Challenges of Managing Sensitive Documents

Although most organizations have implemented tools and processes to protect sensitive documents, common challenges persist.

Vulnerable StateVulnerable State

90% of IT managers said they have the needed tools in place to protect their organization’s documents, but 34% admit that they’ve had sensitive information compromised due to poor file management practices.

Under EducatedUnder Educated

89% said their organization trains employees on document-management practices, but just one-third said they provide security training as part of this.

Failed Follow-ThroughFailed Follow-Through

92% said their company has adopted an official document-management policy, but 43% said their employees don’t always comply with it.

Watchful EyeWatchful Eye

Four of five said their organization monitors how employees share documents outside the company.

Top Document Management Security ChallengesTop Document Management Security Challenges

Downloading an infected file: 43%, Sharing sensitive information with unauthorized third parties: 37%, Accidental file deletion: 19%

Document DisconnectDocument Disconnect

74% of IT managers said their company has a formalized, document-management solution, but just 49% of employees know whether such a resource is available.

Procedural LapseProcedural Lapse

74% said their company has implemented some form of a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, but only half said employees are required to have the tech department approve of their devices.

Capabilities Assessment, Part ICapabilities Assessment, Part I

69% said their document-management solutions enable online viewing, and 62% said they allow for IT notifications.

Capabilities Assessment, Part IICapabilities Assessment, Part II

58% said their document-management solutions establish multi-user collaboration, and 56% said they support online editing.

Road BlockRoad Block

Just 39% said their document-management solutions come with mobile device management (MDM) capabilities.

Repetitive ProcessRepetitive Process

66% of employees said they need to deal with two to three created versions of a doc before it is finally approved.

Open AvenuesOpen Avenues

44% of employees with access to content management tools collaborate with at least three other teams, compared to just 29% of employees without this access.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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