When Executives Ignore Security Policies

When Executives Ignore Security Policies

When Executives Ignore Security PoliciesWhen Executives Ignore Security Policies

Although the majority of IT and business leaders believe their job could be at stake over a security breach, many continue to display questionable security habits.

IT Security Is a Top Spending PriorityIT Security Is a Top Spending Priority

87% of respondents expect increased investment in security this year.

Insiders Pose the Greatest ThreatInsiders Pose the Greatest Threat

46% of IT managers believe that employees or insiders represent the greatest security risk to organizations.

Security Protocols Are DisregardedSecurity Protocols Are Disregarded

On average, 33% of all security protocols are not followed by staff.

High Number of Security BreachesHigh Number of Security Breaches

38% of respondents experienced data breaches during the last year. One factor for this number could be that one-third of all staff ignore security protocols.

Brunt of Security ResponsibilityBrunt of Security Responsibility

78% of respondents believe IT managers are primarily responsible for their organization’s security.

The Penalty for Security BreachesThe Penalty for Security Breaches

65% of IT decision-makers believe they are likely to lose their job in the event of a security breach.

Age MattersAge Matters

38% of those ages 18-44, compared to 25% of those over age 45 report security protocols not being followed.
41% of those 18-44 have hacked their own or another organization, compared to 12% of IT decision-makers over 45.

Cavalier Attitude Toward SecurityCavalier Attitude Toward Security

89% of those 18-44 say they are sufficiently staffed to provide effective security. 75% of IT decision-makers over 45 believe this. 92% of those 18-44 are confident their organization can contain a breach compared to 79% of those over age 45.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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