When the Firewall Is Not Enough

When the Firewall Is Not Enough

When the Firewall Is Not EnoughWhen the Firewall Is Not Enough

Some IT managers don’t realize printers must be secured, and those who do don’t really know how. But it’s a necessary step in an era of rampant security concerns.

Printers Are Vulnerable to Cyber-crimesPrinters Are Vulnerable to Cyber-crimes

According to Ponemon: 53% of IT managers realize printers are vulnerable to cyber-crimes, 64% of IT managers say their printers are likely infected with malware, 47% have an endpoint security strategy, 56% of companies ignore printers in their endpoint security strategy

Printers Are EndpointsPrinters Are Endpoints

52% of companies have a policy to secure printers yet only 44% include printers in their endpoint strategy because they don’t understand how to blend them in with the overall strategy, government regulation and compliance.

Little Confidence in Printer SecurityLittle Confidence in Printer Security

39% of organizations have low confidence in their ability to secure printers.

Turn Off Unnecessary ProtocolsTurn Off Unnecessary Protocols

There are many protocols on devices that are historical or for different needs, but unused ports are potential attack vectors. Any device on a network can be infected, so turn off unnecessary printer protocols.

Require Printer PasswordsRequire Printer Passwords

Printer passwords can prevent unauthorized changes to printer settings on the control panel. If you don’t set an Admin password, others can remotely connect to the printer and make changes, preventing it from printing, or installing malware.

Disable File AccessDisable File Access

People are accustomed to network file sharing on printer disk drives. HP does not recommend that. To prevent unauthorized access to files stored on the printer hard drive, disable file access.

Manage Firmware UpdatesManage Firmware Updates

Make sure you have secured the ability to update printers so that no one else has access except the Admin.

Enable HTTPS RedirectEnable HTTPS Redirect

HTTPS is an insecure protocol. Enabling HTTPS Redirect protects documents being sent to the printer and forces the use of a secure channel redirect.

Monitor and Measure PrintersMonitor and Measure Printers

Proactively monitor and measure printers so that they stay secure. Make sure the document is printed out to the right person at the right time to prevent confidential documents from leaking.

They're Not Just PrintersThey’re Not Just Printers

When buying printers, don’t think of them as just printers. Seek companies that have thought about security, support industry standards, and government regulation and compliance.

Don't Forget About MobileDon’t Forget About Mobile

Be sure you have a mobile printing policy in place so that you can require authentication and track printing from mobile devices.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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