Why Do We Still Need Paper Docs?

Why Do We Still Need Paper Docs?

Why Do We Still Need Paper Docs?Why Do We Still Need Paper Docs?

Concerns remain over confidentiality compromises and the general risk that comes with relying on paper documents for contracts and confidential data.

Working PlanWorking Plan

55% of employees said their company has a formal strategy in place for reducing paper consumption/usage.

Print TrailPrint Trail

Nearly half print documents/files on a daily basis, and one-third said they do so at least six times a day.

Signing OffSigning Off

55% said their organization typically uses paper-based processes for contracts, invoices, agreements and other docs that require approval via signatures.

Clutter ManagementClutter Management

38% said that, when they receive paper documents at work, they typically put them in folders in a file cabinet, and 20% leave these documents on their desk.

Compromising PositionCompromising Position

17% feel their company is placed at risk because confidential documents are frequently printed and left unsecured.

Information BreachInformation Breach

29% said they’ve personally read something that was confidential—and not intended for them to read—because it was printed and left unsecured at the office.


38% said documents are lost or misplaced at work at least “a few times a month” and 16% said this happens no less than on a weekly basis.

Top Devices Used by EmployeesTop Devices Used by Employees

Windows desktop/laptop: 57%, iOS phone/tablet: 20%, Android phone/tablet: 13%

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
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