What CEOs Expect From IT Investment

CEOs no longer perceive of tech operations as some esoteric organizational function that they can keep at a distance. In fact, the majority of corporate leaders believe IT plays an essential role in making strategic decisions, according to a recent survey from PwC. Its "18th Annual Global CEO Survey" report... Read More »

Top Challenges of an IT and Marketing Collaboration

CIOs and IT teams are working more closely than ever with their companies' advertising and marketing executives, but they face significant challenges to ensure these collaborations produce meaningful results, according to a recent survey from The Creative Group... Read More »

How IT Delivers Value and Impacts Business Outcomes

IT has become more critical to delivering value and impacting business outcomes, and Shehzad Merchant, CTO at Gigamon, shares his thoughts on IT's changing role.

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Getting Everyone on Board to Battle Security Risks

Although internal auditors admit that much work remains to meet cyber-security and data privacy standards, results are significantly better for organizations whose boards of directors are highly engaged with security risks. So says a new report by consulting firm Protiviti, "From Cybersecurity to Collaboration: Assessing the Top... Read More »

IT Pros Dominate March Madness

When it comes to participating in office pools for the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament–otherwise known as March Madness–IT workers dominate, according to a Read More »

Cyber-Security Remains a Top Concern in the C-Suite

Board members and C-suite executives rank cyber-security No. 3 among the 10 top risks facing organizations today, according to a new survey. Although encouraged by signs of an improving business climate in most industries, as evidenced by strong equity markets and lower unemployment rates, for example, they recognize that they operate in a risky world because of recent data breaches... Read More »

GE’s Chief Tech Strategist Discusses IoT and More

At GE, it's Rich Carpenter's job to envision how technology, tools and systems fit together effectively.

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Doubts Raised Over IT's Strategic Potential

While the majority of executives–both IT and non-IT–agree that the tech department must play a lead role in the improvement of business effectiveness, they're expressing considerable doubts about the department's ability to do so, according to a recent survey from McKinsey. And many of the doubts are being raised by tech-side leaders, findings revealed. A clear minority of IT... Read More »

CIO Bridges Education and Technology

Laureate International Universities CIO Karl Salnoske describes his path to Laureate, the role technology plays in the company and the road ahead.

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Everyone Wins When CIOs Partner With CMOs

As technology investment in marketing continues to grow and digital marketing expands, CIOs should build strong partnerships with marketing officers, according to a new report by Gartner. CIOs who help CMOs evaluate solutions, source data, manage and consolidate the application portfolio, and integrate solutions will reap the... Read More »

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