11 Best Practices for Business Intelligence

Interest in business intelligence (BI) is surging, as big data is expected to explode into a $50 billion market in 2015—nearly doubling its current size. Why not, when BI supports so many business-critical functions, such as analytics, business performance management, text mining and predictive analytics. And while BI presents virtually limitless potential with regard to transforming... Read More »

Leading Questions: A CIO’s Answer to Leadership

CIOs that don’t focus on strategic value and competitive advantage are falling short on leadership skills—and devaluing the office of the CIO.

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How a Tech Background Hones Business Sense

At the end of the day, it's about information, automation and execution, whether plugging away in a data center or setting strategy and reaching goals in the C-suite.

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Which CFO Personality Is Right for IT?

When it comes to getting approval for IT purchases, the buck often stops with the CFO. And, in many cases, there's a specific CFO personality type that can make such decisions easier (or harder) for CIOs and their teams, according to Read More »

Why CEOs Are in the Dark About Cyber-Security

A new study about the gap between executive awareness and enterprise security finds that the majority of IT security professionals believe CEOs make decisions with little regard to security. IT security pros also believe management teams are not regularly briefed on cyber-security issues. Read More »

Chobani CIO Creates a Recipe for Business Success

The CIO of Chobani has taken some bold steps at the yogurt behemoth, and he's a firm believer that the role of IT is to support the business strategy.

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CIO Provides a Clear Look Into Window Manufacturer

The CIO of Hunter Douglas sees mobile and Web applications as ways to enhance the customer experience for both homeowners and dealers.

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How High Performers Pursue Digital Innovation

The speed of digital advancements is separating companies into the haves and have nots: High performers are much better at creating a digital-friendly work culture with cutting-edge project opportunities, while establishing strong tech leadership teams, according to Read More »

How to Create a World-Class Tech Team

In defining what makes for an elite tech team, you can come up with measuring tools that address certification levels, project-management skills, communications capabilities and the innovation factor. But when you get down to the core objectives that matter the most, you inevitably need to ask yourself: Does the team save the organization on IT costs, while finding ways to drive additional... Read More »

Why CIOs Must Change Their Leadership Style

A clear majority of CIOs are redefining the essence of their leadership, according to the 2015 Gartner CIO Agenda survey report. The report, titled "Flipping to Digital Leadership," indicates that CIOs are placing less emphasis on command-and-control duties so they can articulate a broader, more... Read More »

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