Doubts Raised Over IT's Strategic Potential

While the majority of executives–both IT and non-IT–agree that the tech department must play a lead role in the improvement of business effectiveness, they're expressing considerable doubts about the department's ability to do so, according to a recent survey from McKinsey. And many of the doubts are being raised by tech-side leaders, findings revealed. A clear minority of IT... Read More »

CIO Bridges Education and Technology

Laureate International Universities CIO Karl Salnoske describes his path to Laureate, the role technology plays in the company and the road ahead.

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Everyone Wins When CIOs Partner With CMOs

As technology investment in marketing continues to grow and digital marketing expands, CIOs should build strong partnerships with marketing officers, according to a new report by Gartner. CIOs who help CMOs evaluate solutions, source data, manage and consolidate the application portfolio, and integrate solutions will reap the... Read More »

CIO Strengthens American Cancer Society’s Cause

Jay Ferro has been the CIO of the American Cancer Society for three years, but the fight against cancer has been a passion of his for longer. 

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Infrastructure Can't Keep Up With Business Needs

The vast majority of CIOs and other tech leaders said their companies recognize how much IT infrastructure contributes to competitive advantage and ROI, according to a recent survey from IBM. However, the accompanying report, titled "Continuing the IT Infrastructure... Read More »

CIOs Must Sharpen Customer Experience Strategy

The CIO has a key role in disseminating relevant customer information and in maintaining multiple systems and customer information databases. 

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How to Deal Intelligently With Data Breaches

Organizations need to plan, rehearse and modify their security protection on a continuous basis, to see what they are doing well and how they can do better.

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Managing IT's Changing—& Competing—Priorities

The IT group's dual roles—delivering essential IT to run transactions and differentiated IT to enable evolving business models—has created competing priorities.

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Ten Strategic Execution Trends for 2015

Project teams will deliberate less and plan in real-time more. Companies will recognize a cultural difference as a point of strength, rather than a source of confusion. And, more than ever, IT will emerge as a leading influence on the critical decisions that drive organizational success. These and other developments are among the following top 10 "Read More »

Five Keys to Establishing Better IT Metrics

In today's high-stakes and fast-changing IT environment, it's critical to build an effective framework based on the use of metrics. These guidelines can help.

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