Getting Everyone on Board to Battle Security Risks

Although internal auditors admit that much work remains to meet cyber-security and data privacy standards, results are significantly better for organizations whose boards of directors are highly engaged with security risks. So says a new report by consulting firm Protiviti, "From Cybersecurity to Collaboration: Assessing the Top... Read More »

Workers Routinely Dodge Security Policies

A new study finds significant security risk occurring in the enterprise, with one-fifth of employees violating their company's compliance and security policies simply to get their jobs done. According to DataMotion's Read More »

Is Your Company a Security Leader or Laggard?

Over the last few years, cyber-security has emerged as a central challenge for organizations large and small. And while there's no shortage of news stories and analyst reports chronicling the severity of the risk and the complexities of addressing it, there has generally been little attention devoted to how to effectively execute on the task. A new report from Accenture in conjunction with... Read More »

Cyber-Security Remains a Top Concern in the C-Suite

Board members and C-suite executives rank cyber-security No. 3 among the 10 top risks facing organizations today, according to a new survey. Although encouraged by signs of an improving business climate in most industries, as evidenced by strong equity markets and lower unemployment rates, for example, they recognize that they operate in a risky world because of recent data breaches... Read More »

How Malware Bypasses Detection Tools

More than one-half of security breaches occur through companies' browsers despite malware-detection technologies, according to a new study. That means companies are spending millions without success to protect themselves, according to the Ponemon Institute, which was commissioned by Spikes Security to prepare the report, "Read More »

Mobile Fraud Expected to Explode by 2017

Over the next few years, e-commerce conducted on mobile devices and apps is expected to surpass purchases through browsers on personal computers, rendering companies that have not secured their mobile transactions vulnerable to rampant fraud. This is according to a new study by J. Gold Associates, a market research firm that surveyed 250 organizations for its Read More »

IT Leaders Aren’t Addressing Security Threats

Many security leaders believe the next three years will determine if organizations can win the cyber-war.

Read More »

Security Threats Require More Action From CIOs

CIOs, CISOs and other executives need to take security a lot more seriously and turn to more advanced methods to detect potential problems.

Read More »

Why Schools Fail at IT Disaster Recovery Efforts

Educational institutions lag behind commercial businesses in preparedness for major IT disasters, according to a new study. Only 26 percent of IT professionals surveyed said they feel very prepared for such an event. One-third of IT professionals said their organization suffered a major incident requiring disaster recovery procedures, according to the report. Of those, 11 percent had... Read More »

How Shadow IT Transformed the Role of CIO

The majority of CIOs feel that their role is changing–and the rising trend of shadow IT is having a significant impact on this sentiment, according to a recent survey from BT Global Services. The report, titled "Art of Connecting: Creativity and the Modern CIO," indicates that CIOs must adapt due to shifting demands among... Read More »

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