Is Sharing Threat Data With the Government a Good Idea?

When assessing the most foreboding of cyber-threats for 2016, CIOs and other tech professionals and managers rank social engineering and insider threats at the very top, Read More »

Why Larry Ponemon Dedicated His Career to Privacy

Larry Ponemon is optimistic about the state of cyber-security—but he knows there’s a long road ahead in protecting the privacy and security of users.

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What’s Worse Than Stolen Data? Altered Data

Attacks that previously were considered advanced threats are commodities today, with sophisticated malware and exploits available for the price of a movie ticket, according to Amit Yoran, president of RSA, the security division of EMC. And yet, important results due to this evolution seem to be misunderstood; the... Read More »

How to Embrace Rogue IT

You might as well embrace rogue IT, or shadow IT, which will continue to grow in importance, and its impact will be felt globally, according to Tim Kelleher, vice president of IT Security Services at Century Link. Rogue IT might just lead to innovation and competitive advantage, he says. Employees increasingly will bypass corporate IT by... Read More »

How a Midsize Company Keeps Rogue Malware at Bay

A leading manufacturer of ceramic products relies on an endpoint security manager to mold its security outlook.

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2016 Has the Markings of a Perfect Storm for Fraud

This year, cyber-criminals are expected to continue to outsmart traditional security defenses. They will leverage the latest mobile hacker tools to impersonate legitimate users and take control of consumer accounts en masse, according to a blog outlining the top five online predictions by... Read More »

Why Taking Security Risks Is Vital to Business Growth

CIOs and business executives need to have open dialogue about how to strike a balance between acceptable security risk and reward.

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The Five Cloud Concerns Faced by All Industries

Of all industries, the financial services industry is the most exposed to risk in the cloud, according to a new report. Not surprisingly, security awareness is higher in technology firms, with most saying excessive sharing of data in the cloud is a top cyber-security concern. Conducted by the security intelligence arm of CloudLock, the report, titled "Read More »

How Spear Phishing Puts Businesses on the Hook

These days, cyber-attacks seem to arrive from almost every direction and tap increasingly sophisticated methods. Yet, spear phishing—which serves up realistic-looking e-mails and messages directed to a specific person, usually in an attempt to steal credentials—are among the most insidious and effective attack... Read More »

How Major Tech Incidents Burden IT—and Business

Most organizations deal with major tech incidents several times a year—if not once a month, according to a recent survey from xMatters.Read More »

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