Mobile, IoT Face More Complex Attacks in 2015

Mobile malware samples jumped 16% in the third quarter of 2014 compared to malware discovered in the second quarter, according to a new report. Year over year, mobile malware increased by 76%. Conducted by McAfee Labs, which is now part of Intel Security, the quarterly report is included in McAfee Labs' "2015 Threats Predictions.” The Read More »

How to Deal Intelligently With Data Breaches

Organizations need to plan, rehearse and modify their security protection on a continuous basis, to see what they are doing well and how they can do better.

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Wearables Will Increase Enterprise Risks

The benefits of the Internet of things (IoT), including wearable devices, outweigh the risks they pose to enterprise, according to a new study, but consumer interest in wearable devices will create complications in the workplace. The survey results appear in the "ISACA 2014 IT Risk/Reward Barometer" report. Most IT professionals who responded to the survey said that... Read More »

CIOs: Between a Cyber-Rock and a Risk Place

With the board of directors asking questions about security readiness, CIOs are under pressure to assess their organization’s ability to respond to threats.

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11 Reasons to Choose an Automated Security System

Security tools, systems and practices are too focused on management agents, periodic assessments, disparate point solutions and manual response processes, according to a whitepaper by IT security firm ForeScout Technologies. The report states that enterprises must change their security architectures in favor of continuous, automated monitoring to "better align with today's complex, diverse,... Read More »

The Sony Hack Reveals a Bigger Picture

If government and business don't get their act together and build more secure systems, the Sony hack will look like a comedy on the superhighway to disaster.

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Consumers Are Apathetic About Mobile Security

Users of Android and iOS mobile devices face a higher rate of fraud than the average consumer, primarily because they have poor password and security habits.

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Most IT Pros Ill-Prepared to Deal With Breaches

Nearly 90 percent of IT security professionals, across numerous industries, are "concerned" or "highly concerned" about a data breach occurrence in 2015.

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Hackers Increasingly Spoof Authentic Identities

Cyber-attacks will continue to grow as hackers collect, compile and share identity information to build profiles that are increasingly indistinguishable from authentic identities, a new report says. Using cloaking technologies, such as proxies and spoofed locations, these cyber-criminals mask their identities and whereabouts. The report is the first to analyze how frequently stolen and... Read More »

Personal Use of Company Tech Disrupts Work

A clear majority of professionals working on company-provided computers also use the machines for personal pursuits, according to a recent survey from GFI Software. It's not as if internal users are unaware of policies governing such behavior. It's just that many choose to ignore some of the rules so... Read More »

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