Eight Ways to Improve Your Cyber-Security Spending

Organizations are concerned about cyber-threats, but many of them have neither invested strategically in security nor aligned that spending with their business strategies, according to a new report. One result is a major gap in security spending between industries. For instance, banking and finance spending heavily ($2,500 median per employee) while others, like retail and consumer products... Read More »

Why Security Awareness Programs Fail

Organizations need to shift from promoting awareness of potential problems to embedding security habits that create a "stop and think" behavior—and affect risk positively.

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The Black Hats Keep Striking

Cybercriminals are expanding their targets and their means of attack, according to Trend Micro's Q1 report, "Cybercrime Hits the Unexpected." Among the developments: New and modified online banking malware continues to thrive, striking different targets in Q1 2014. Likewise, mobile malware and high-risk apps are on a five-year streak and broke the 2 million barrier, the report notes. Lastly,... Read More »

Why Some Industries Are Better at Security

A new study says the finance and utilities industries are the most secure, and that retail and health care lag in security effectiveness. The report, "Will Healthcare be the Next Retail?' by BitSights Technologies, analyzed security ratings for S&P 500 companies in these four industries from April 2013 through March 2014. "Based on our analysis, it is clear that organizations that treat... Read More »

Nine Security Best Practices You Should Enforce

Eighty-nine percent of security breaches and data loss incidents could have been prevented last year, according to the Online Trust Alliance's (OTA's) "2014 Data and Breach Protection Readiness Guide." In the interest of helping enterprises protect themselves, their data and their customers, the OTA has been publishing guidelines since 2009. "Viewing breaches as a 'technical issue' is a... Read More »

10 Things You Need to Know About Data Theft

A new Trustwave report analyses the behavior of cybercriminals and details the type of information they target most, industries most compromised, how break-ins often occur, malware trends and other critical components of breaches that affect the enterprise. Security firm Trustwave Holdings, Inc. conducted the "2014 Trustwave Global Security Report" by gathering data from 691 breach... Read More »

10 Things to Know About the Cost of DNS Attacks

The top challenge most organizations face in protecting networks against Domain Name Service (DNS)-based attacks is the cost of security solutions. Infoblox, a network control solutions firm, recently sponsored a survey on DNS protection which shows that many organizations hesitate to adopt new security solutions because of the cost. The price of an attack, however, can be much more, as the... Read More »

Security Strategies Must Be Integrated

Organizations where everyone works together to build a strong defense are more likely to succeed despite a lack of resources, proliferating security threats and new technologies.

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Enterprise Still Main Target of DDoS Attacks

Enterprise and commerce continue to weather the most-frequent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks of all industries. Together, they account for 70 percent of reported attacks, with 159 for enterprise and 82 for commerce, according to Akamai Technology's latest "State of the Internet Report." American customers reported slightly less than half the total attacks. The Read More »

Q1 Budgets Fall, Fewer Security Experts Hired

TEKsystems' new "Quarterly IT Reality Check" survey finds smaller tech budgets in the first quarter, but more IT leaders who are confident about their ability to meet business demands. Security experts and big data talent, however, are more difficult to hire. The study compares current market conditions to spending, skills needs, and other impact areas reported in the company's Annual IT... Read More »

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