Why Taking Security Risks Is Vital to Business Growth

CIOs and business executives need to have open dialogue about how to strike a balance between acceptable security risk and reward.

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CIOs Face Expanding Security Concerns

As regulatory compliance pressures increase, CIOs must take a progressively integrated and holistic approach to information risk management.

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How Analytics Helps Crime Fighters

Law enforcement’s ability to use data and technology to battle crime is one of the most significant developments in policing. According to a new study, 88% of U.S. law enforcement officials believe that big data analytics has significant potential to fight crime. Yet nearly two-thirds do not use analytics because of budget constraints. The survey, "Read More »

Why IT Pros Are in Denial of Security Threats

Half of IT security experts in the United States think their organization is an unlikely target for attack, according to a new study. This largely positive outlook could account for a lack of cyber-preparedness, however, because 61% of respondents also admit that they are not confident their organization can detect advanced threats. The report, titled "Read More »

Why CIOs Are Losing Control of Technology

CIOs give themselves and their employees high marks for delivering upon needed business outcomes, but they also admit that they're losing control over significant tech purchase decisions to the business side, Read More »

The Worst Security Offenders? IT Pros

Contrary to expectations, a new study shows that tech-savvy employees are the most likely to create security risks. Millennials, the largest generation in the workforce, are among the culprits, according to the survey. Ninety-seven percent of employees have access to sensitive or confidential company information and 93... Read More »

How Cultural Differences Impact IT Security

A majority of American and German IT practitioners agree that inadvertent employee negligence decreases productivity and causes more security incidents than intentional and malicious acts, according to a new survey. Seventy-three percent of American respondents, compared to 67 percent of German ones, strongly agree or agree... Read More »

Why Data Oversharing Is a Major Security Concern

A new survey found more than one-quarter of employees have uploaded a file containing sensitive data to the cloud.

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Why Cloud-based Security Services Are on the Rise

A new study finds an increase in IT security incidents since last year (no surprise there) and a boost in security budgets this year (certainly a nice surprise). The PwC study also revealed a greater adoption of security frameworks, and the use of cloud-based security services. The study, "The Global State of Information Security Survey... Read More »

How Fake ‘Insiders’ Can Hijack an Organization

Privileged accounts are at the epicenter of most cyber-attacks, but many organizations still struggle to identify and locate such accounts, according to a new study. Yet access to these accounts can lead to a "complete hostile takeover" of network infrastructure and stolen data, the report by security firm CyberArk revealed.... Read More »

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