How to Make a Business Case for Hiring a CDO

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 09-05-2017 Email

With business stakeholders increasingly demanding quick access to data, the vast majority of CIOs are convinced that their organization needs to hire a chief data officer (CDO), according to a recent survey from Experian Data Quality. The resulting report, "The Chief Data Officer: Powering Business Opportunities with Data," states that CIOs can't cover the same kind of professional ground that CDOs can. Thus, there's a sense of urgency to bring a CDO  on board, to better position their company to create competitive advantage, while reducing the risk in data-driven projects. CDOs, however, said they are limited in their ability to access data, with a lack of needed funding available to fully leverage it—a perspective that few CIOs share. To move forward in an effective, business-benefiting manner, the two executives should get on the same page. "As digital transformation continues to disrupt organizations, the demand to harness data as a business asset will only increase," according to the report. "Organizations today undoubtedly see the value in hiring a CDO, and those without a CDO understand the value in recruiting them. … Now, more than ever, [CDOs are] proving to be an invaluable business asset. By being the de facto 'guardian of data,' they can ensure their organizations leverage their data to its maximum potential, while doing so in a responsible and safe manner." More than 200 U.S. CIOs and 50 CDOs took part in the research, which was conducted by Insight Avenue.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.


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