Sustainability 2.0: The CSO's Role Keeps Growing

As sustainability gains more prominence in the enterprise, the role of the chief sustainability officer has steadily evolved.

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How to Reduce Costs While Staying Agile

Companies can cut costs through economies of scale and scope, but they should not do so at the cost of local flexibility, which is essential for competing globally.

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How Federal Agencies Set Fees

In order set accurate fees, government agencies need to identify their costs of providing products and services. However, that's often easier said than done.

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CIOs Face New Challenges With Software Licensing

Managing software licenses has emerged as an onerous and vexing task. Here are three ways to navigate the software compliance space more effectively.

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Outsourcing 2014: The New Normal

Changes in marketplace maturity and demands show an increase in outsourcing activity, with shorter-term and lower-value contracts gaining popularity.

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CIOs Gaining Confidence in IT Hiring, Investments

It would be a stretch to describe the U.S. economy as "robust." However, it sure appears to be moving in the right direction. And that's good enough for CIOs to boost their forecast for both hiring and IT investment in 2014, according to a recent survey from Robert Half Technology. The accompanying "Robert Half Technology IT... Read More »

Uncertainty Slows Hiring Plans for Many Companies

In the near future, we may view 2013 as a building-block year that paved the way for better things: more staffing, more IT innovation and more organizational growth. However, the overall economy will need to demonstrate a sign of firmer footing before this happens, according to a recent survey of hirers from CareerBuilder. One of the... Read More »

Enterprise Mobility Dominates IT Agenda in 2014

Enterprise mobility projects will increase domination of the global IT agenda in 2014—and beyond, according to a recent survey from the Enterprise Mobility Exchange. The accompanying report, "The Global State of Enterprise Mobility: A Look to the Past, Present and Future," provides a comprehensive perspective of... Read More »

10 Ways to Win Over Your CFO

He doesn't claim to be an expert on all things tech. But you can't address him as if he's an IT neophyte either. He's known for asking the tough questions. But, ultimately, he has the interest of your entire organization at heart. He's your CFO. And it's very likely that you won't be able to justify a single, major tech deployment without his backing. Which means you need to talk his... Read More »

Enterprise B2B Imitates B2C

Few companies can shop online when they need business supplies the way consumers can. Enterprises can't buy stock directly from a company's sales staff, or participate in auctions for refurbished material. There is no network of peer customers to comment on parts, nor are there video reviews of equipment, links to expert advice on social media, nor installation and maintenance services. In... Read More »

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