The 10 Highest-Paid CIOs of Public Companies

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Today's most impactful IT leaders often wear their non-tech backgrounds and interests like a badge of honor. For evidence, look no further than the following list of the 10 highest-paid CIOs at publicly traded companies, as taken from a top 20 ranking recently published by Janco Associates. Certainly, these executives represent a new breed of CIOs, that of well-rounded tech leaders. A number of them started out somewhere other than the IT department, and all of them speak to the need for CIOs to support their organization's total strategic vision, especially when it comes to driving ROI-benefiting innovation. Indeed, the rankings demonstrate how much the CIO's role is evolving as a business-focused one instead of being “strictly tech." They also speak to a general state of change within the highest of tech-leadership ranks: Some of included executives are now performing other roles and/or have had their roles expanded. Of the top 20 CIOs on Janco's list, only eight were on the list last year, and another eight are either new to the job or have since left the company. The list was compiled from SEC filings that reflect earnings in 2012. For more about the list, click here.

  • Filippo Passerini, P&G

    Total compensation: $4.97 million, Passerini says he's anything but a "stereotypical" hardcore-techie CIO. "The technology can be learned," he says, "but you cannot teach curiosity."
    1-Filippo Passerini, P&G
  • Rob Carter, FedEx

    Total compensation: $4.87 million, Has been named a member of Fortune magazine's "Dream Team," as well as #18 on Fast Company's list of "100 Most Creative People in Business."
    2-Rob Carter, FedEx
  • Deb Butler, Norfolk Southern

    Total compensation: $4.65 million, Butler has a non-tech background: She graduated from Agnes Scott College in 1975 with a degree in English literature, and started at Norfolk Southern as a customer-account auditor.
    3-Deb Butler, Norfolk Southern
  • Anil Cheriyan, SunTrust Banks

    Total compensation: $3.7 million, Before SunTrust, Cheriyan oversaw business-systems transformation for IBM's global financial-services clients. He has a master's level philosophy degree in management.
    4-Anil Cheriyan, SunTrust Banks
  • Suren Gupta, Allstate

    Total compensation: $3.57 million, Among other innovations, Gupta's teams have come up with DriveWise, which provides Allstate customers information about their driving habits and reveals how much they can save by improving upon them.
    5-Suren Gupta, Allstate
  • Matt Carey, Home Depot

    Total compensation: $3.48 million, Before Home Depot, Carey spent two decades at Wal-Mart, where he integrated, and the company's grocery home delivery business in the U.K.
    6-Matt Carey, Home Depot
  • J. David Thompson, Western Union

    Total compensation: $3.44 million, Has served former CIO stints for PeopleSoft, Oracle and Symantec. Also worked as an intelligence-systems officer for the U.S. Air Force.
    7-J. David Thompson, Western Union
  • Lori Beer, WellPoint

    Total compensation: $3.19 million, Beer is a 20-year CPA by trade, and a former CFO. She's worked for Coca-Cola and, ironically, given her last name, Molson Coors Brewing.
    8-Lori Beer, WellPoint
  • David Barnes, UPS

    Total compensation: $3.13 million, Barnes credits visualization tech for helping UPS create apps to allow London Olympics organizers to transport more than 30 million pieces of equipment, including drug samples and medals.
    9-David Barnes, UPS
  • Stephen Gillett, Best Buy Digital

    Total compensation: $2.96 million, He left Best Buy after just nine months to join Symantec, but stayed long enough to qualify for this list. A star CIO at Starbucks, Gillett was dubbed "Neo" by Best Buy employees, after the hero of the film, The Matrix.
    10-Stephen Gillett, Best Buy Digital
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.


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