Managers Hear Outlandish Excuses for Missing Work

As an IT leader, you certainly don't want your tech employees coming to work when they're sick. Sure, it may seem noble to soldier on while suffering from high fevers, congestion, coughs or an assortment of other maladies, but that can create more problems than it's worth—especially if one employee infects many others, possibly bringing down your entire department. That said, there are... Read More »

Why So Many IT Employees Feel Disengaged

CIOs and other senior executives need to do a better job of addressing disengagement in the workforce, according to a recent survey from Oracle. The resulting report, "From Theory to Action: A Practical Look at What Really Drives Employee Engagement," indicates that organizations are... Read More »

Why Some Managers Don't Motivate Employees

A significant share of employees do not feel very engaged at work, according to a recent survey from Appirio. The resulting report, "The Human Touch for Tech Talent: Employee Retention Could Be as Simple as 'Thank You,'" sheds light on how "bad bosses" fall short in motivating employees. Many managers... Read More »

Why IT Training Efforts Get Mixed Grades

While most organizations are investing in training for their tech talent, IT leaders and workers offer contrasting perspectives about the effectiveness of these efforts, according to a recent survey from TEKsystems. IT leaders are notably more confident than their employees in... Read More »

How a Skills Gap Impedes the Use of New Tech

A lack of skills and understanding is delaying the implementation of the IoT, big data and other new technological trends, according to a new study. "Trends vs Technologies," a research report from Capita Technology Solutions in partnership with Cisco, reveals "a strong disconnect" between businesses' ability to realize nine key trends and workers' skills to implement them. The nine... Read More »

Telltale Signs of a Terrible Resume

As a CIO, you probably think you've seen it all when it comes to bad resumes. But, as they say, you ain't seen nothing yet, judging by the following examples of all-time resume blunders, Read More »

Are Your Employees Educated About Cyber-Risks?

Enhanced security and compliance are two reasons why companies turn to outsourced partners and managed service providers (MSPs) for their IT needs. Another reason is that many security problems originate with human error among internal staff. A dedicated outside team can provide extra levels of redundancy, enabling clients to improve oversight on sophisticated IT challenges as well as peace... Read More »

What Next-Generation Workers Want at Work

The majority of young employees today feel “very” or “extremely” prepared to work effectively within a team–and most of them aspire to emerge as future leaders at work, according to survey from Future Workplace and Randstad US. A number of the findings–which focus upon... Read More »

How Millennials Impact Workplace Communication

As Millennials continue to grow their influence in the working world, expect many positive changes to worker communication and the traditional office.

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Six Emerging IT Jobs for the Digital Revolution

Many jobs of today won't exist five years from now, experts say. They'll be replaced by new ones that will help organizations advance and stay competitive amid fast-changing technology and business shifts. CIOs, of course, will take a lead role in shaping these positions. As companies proceed with these efforts, they should carefully consider this list of six emerging IT jobs, as adapted... Read More »

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