Nine Advantages of Open Source Software

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 06-06-2014 Email Print this article Print

While it initially seemed revolutionary, open source software is actually rooted in traditional IT processes. Technology, after all, has always been about collaboration and continuous improvement. (In the early days of the ARPANET, for example, researchers established a "request for comments" procedure to improve the project.) Of course, there have been trepidations raised about open source. But the always-active open source communities are more than happy to address any concerns. As a result, more than one-half of the software acquired over the next several years will be open source, according to industry research. And industry titan Michael Dell has describes it as a primary driver in terms of pursuing tech advancements "further and faster." That said, if you're still undecided about the concept—or need to convince your company's influencers about its merits—consider this list of top nine advantages of open source. They were compiled from various online resources, including the Cynapse Community for open source users, developers, enthusiasts and, a business-advice site. For more about the Cynapse report, click here. For more about the BusinessBee report, click here

  • You'll Lower Costs

    Open source adheres to a very non-commercial vibe, so most projects don't ask for fees.
    You'll Lower Costs
  • You'll Boost Quality

    Open source is all about improving tech in real-time, with the industry's finest talent lending support.
    You'll Boost Quality
  • You'll Take Control

    In the commercial world, vendors dictate code and budgets. In open source, you modify code to suit your needs, within your budget.
    You'll Take Control
  • You'll Ensure Continuity

    When a commercial software company goes out of business or stops servicing a software product, you're out of luck. If any open source leader "leaves" a project or community, others take over.
    You'll Ensure Continuity
  • Your Department Will Get Smarter

    Through both open source communities and internal collaboration, your tech team will get a better sense of the overall IT practices, resources and tools out there to best-serve your organization.
    Your Department Will Get Smarter
  • Your Security Could Benefit

    True, there are concerns about open source and security (hello, Heartbleed bug). But with more and varied talent looking at the code in communities, there are more professionals overseeing the code's integrity.
    Your Security Could Benefit
  • Your Internal Users Will Encounter Less Bugs—and Fix Them Faster

    Again, with an abundance of open source community members, bugs are found and fixed early.
    Your Internal Users Will Encounter Less Bugs—and Fix Them Faster
  • You Won't Be Forced to Buy Upgrades

    Contrary to traditional, commercial software channels, you won't get pressured to invest in upgrades that provide no real value.
    You Won't Be Forced to Buy Upgrades
  • You Can Elevate Your Team's Profile

    When IT professionals take lead roles in supporting the open source community, it casts your team (and company) in a positive light.
    You Can Elevate Your Team's Profile
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.


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