Why CIOs Need to Use Predictive Metrics

Being able to accurately predict the future is a skill that only certain IT professionals possess. Some IT leaders can see upcoming trends, adapt to them before they make their presence known to competitors, and their company benefits as a result. At least, that's the moral of "Predicts 2014: Business Process Reinvention Is Vital to Digital Business Transformation," a new Read More »

Mobile Data Traffic to Increase Elevenfold by 2018

Worldwide mobile data traffic will increase by almost a factor of 11 during the next four years, according to the "Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2013-2018" report. It is forecast to reach an annual run rate of 190 exabytes (EBs) by 2018, 57 times the total amount of mobile data traffic in 2010. The projected increase is due in part to growth... Read More »

Being Intelligent About Your Assets

Over the next decade, smart asset management will transform operations, marketing, finance and human resources. And it will forever change the way the enterprise views its assets.

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10 Things That Smart Data-Analytics Teams Do

In prior slideshows, we've extensively illustrated the rising role of big data in the enterprise, especially with respect to how it's driving business decision-making. To perform up to the expectations of the C-suite, your data-analytics IT team must deliver on a wide range of technology needs while still demonstrating a command of critical soft skills. The latter skillset will help your... Read More »

CIOs and the Retail Store of the Future

Retail CIOs must step out of the back office and embrace social media, mobility and big data to drive innovation and create a complete in-store experience for customers, according to "The Global Agenda of Retail CIOs" study commissioned by Tata Consultancy Services. Forester Consulting conducted in-depth surveys and interviews... Read More »

Few Enterprises Using Big Data Analytics

Many executives say their companies are not equipped to make the most of big data, according to a survey by management consulting firm Bain & Company. Participants were executives from more than 400 companies worldwide and mostly from enterprises with revenues of at least $1 billion. "We found…an elite group that puts into play the... Read More »

Big Data Helping Enterprise Decision-Making

EMC Corporation's "2013 Transforming IT" study finds that big data is giving rise to markedly improved corporate decision-making. It is also having an impact on a company's ability to differentiate itself competitively and to avert risk. The EMC study found better business processes, innovating products and solutions, and enhancing customer experience to be the top three drivers transforming... Read More »

CIOs Need Predictive Analytics to Excel

 CIOs must turn to predictive analytics to help their organizations navigate the swift pace of business changes, according to a new research report from Gartner. The report, "Predicts 2014: Business Process Reinvention Is Vital to Digital Business Transformation," compiles information and findings from a cross section of Gartner's highly followed surveys, reports and presentations. Read More »

CIOs Fall Short in Reaping Gains From Big Data

They set aside big bucks to gather it. They hire hotshot IT talent to analyze it. And the highest levels of the C-suite are determined to fully exploit it in the interest of ROI. So why do so many organizations struggle with big data? Because they're still trying to figure out the best way to gather, integrate and make sense out of it, according to a recent survey from Read More »

IT Seen as Growth Engine for CPGs

A new survey of CIOs at 27 leading consumer packaged goods (CPGs) companies finds that they are increasing their investments in new technologies to drive business growth, according to The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). These technologies include social media, software as a service and advanced analytics. There is a wide range of money spent and rate of adoption, however. Forty-two percent of... Read More »

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