Data Governance Efforts Continue to Lag

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While there's always been a lot of concern about how data is governed, a new survey suggests a significant gap exists between the level of concern and organizations’ actual plans to implement data governance as part of a larger compliance strategy. A new survey of 454 IT executives conducted by Rand Secure Data finds that while organizations are facing more compliance regulations, their investments in backup, archiving and e-Discovery technologies continues to lag behind. One reason for this, of course, is the popularity of applications, which are also competing for a slice of the IT budget. It's a lot easier for CIOs to justify a return on an application that clearly adds value to the business compared to investing in what many executives perceive to be largely an IT maintenance activity. The positive news from the Rand Secure Data survey is that with the rise of big data, companies’ digital records are increasingly being valued as an asset. As companies begin to tap the value of those assets, the need for better data governance tools should become more apparent.

  • Do You Have External Regulatory Requirements?

    The number of companies facing external regulatory policies on data storage is increasing as the number of regulations increase. Yes: 82%, No: 10%, Don't know: 8%
    Do You Have External Regulatory Requirements?
  • How Much Data Does Your Organization Have?

    Median expected data growth in 2014 is between 26 and 50%. Median data stored is between 20TB to 50TB. More than 500TB: 26%, 100 to 500TB: 14%, 50 to 100TB: 13%, 20 to 50TB: 10%, 5 to 20TB: 17%, 1 to 5TB: 15%, Less than 1TB: 8%
    How Much Data Does Your Organization Have?
  • Plans to Implement Formal Data Governance Policy

    Nearly half the companies surveyed have no data governance policy in place. Of that group, 71% plan to have policies within the next 12 months. Within six to twelve months: 36%, In more than a year: 31%, Within the next six months: 11%, No plans: 22%
    Plans to Implement Formal Data Governance Policy
  • How Long Has Formal Data Governance Plan Been in Place?

    Over half of the companies with plans in place implemented them more than two years ago. More than two years: 68%, One year to two years: 15%, Six to 12 months: 10%, Less than six months: 8%
    How Long Has Formal Data Governance Plan Been in Place?
  • Importance of Data Governance

    Most companies surveyed reported that data governance is extremely important at their site. Extremely important: 60%, Very important: 36%, Somewhat important: 4%, Not important: 1%
    Importance of Data Governance
  • General Data Archiving Plans

    Only about a third of the respondents have upgrade plans for data archiving. Yes, will seek a better or new solution: 33%, Maybe: 23%, No: 44%
    General Data Archiving Plans
  • E-mail Archiving Plans

    Again, there appears to be more concern than actual action being taken when it comes to e-mail archiving plans. No plans: 50%, Yes, we have plans: 30%, Maybe: 20%
    E-mail Archiving Plans
  • Data Backup Upgrade Plans

    The vast majority of companies surveyed have backup solutions in place, and 25% of these companies are extremely satisfied with their current implementation. No plans to add data governance: 38%, Yes, plan to add backup solutions: 22%, Maybe: 16%
    Data Backup Upgrade Plans
  • How long would it take your company to recover from a complete data loss?

    The majority are still measuring recovery times in days rather than hours. 0-1 hour: 6%, 1-6 hours: 17%, 6-12 hours: 9%, 12-24 hours: 15%, 1-2 days: 9%, 3-5 days: 6%, 5-10 days: 33%, More than 10 days: 2%, No clue: 2%, No backup: 1%
    How long would it take your company to recover from a complete data loss?
  • e-Discovery Upgrade Plans

    There is a bit of a lag when it comes to data governance policies for e-Discovery solutions. Almost half do not yet have plans in place and only 24% plan to implement their plans in the next year. No: 49%, Maybe: 28%, Yes: 24%
    e-Discovery Upgrade Plans
Mike Vizard has been covering IT issues in the enterprise for 25 years as an editor and columnist for publications such as InfoWorld, eWeek, Baseline, CRN, ComputerWorld and Digital Review.


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