BYOD Challenges IT Support, Network Capabilities

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There's no stopping the bring your own device (BYOD) trend from winning over the enterprise. Although device costs should decline for IT because of the increased usage of personal devices in the workplace, it appears that managing all of those new devices will present a host of network challenges, according to a new study of 1,200 workers from CDW. "The network impacts confirm that IT needs a systems strategy to accommodate mobility," says CDW senior director and general manager Andrea Bradshaw. "Our research also shows that users and IT alike see room for improvement in the level and quality of support that IT provides for mobility today." In other words, new challenges will present themselves as the onslaught of mobile devices into the workplace continues. The IT side will need to improve its support while addressing infrastructure problems, and the business side will have higher expectations about its ability to complete tasks, either on-site or off. Simply put, IT needs to fully anticipate the needs of BYOD users—and act quickly.

  • IT Needs to Step Up Its Game

    Just 41% of non-IT workers say their IT department is providing policies and support on an "A" or "B" level.
    1-IT Needs to Step Up Its Game
  • IT Sees Things Differently

    Meanwhile, 64% of IT professionals say their department deserves an "A" or "B" grade for their policies and support.
    2-IT Sees Things Differently
  • Yes, More Work Is Needed

    Just 18% of IT professionals say their department deserves an "A" grade.
    3-Yes, More Work Is Needed
  • Watch Out, Networks!

    IT pros are concerned about the health of their corporate networks. In fact, 90% say BYOD will have a major impact on their network.
    4-Watch Out, Networks!
  • Increased Bandwidth, A Major Concern

    According to 63% of IT pros, the biggest network issue will be the increased bandwidth requirements from all of the personal smartphones and tablets in the office.
    5-Increased Bandwidth, A Major Concern
  • Latency, Another Growing Problem

    39% of IT pros say network latency is a problem because of the sheer number of smartphones and tablets on their network.
    6-Latency, Another Growing Problem
  • Server and Storage Concerns

    Servers and storage are also issues, with 44% of IT pros saying mobile devices are causing their server requirements to go up and another 37% say storage requirements are increasing because of BYOD.
    7-Server and Storage Concerns
  • It's All Downhill From Here

    Smartphones and tablets are expected to only increase in popularity in the enterprise, yet 39% of IT professionals say their networks are already starting to buckle due to BYOD usage.
    8-It's All Downhill From Here
  • MDM Solutions: Just One in Four

    Mobile device management solutions are being used by only 37% of companies to manage and enforce mobile device policies.
    9-MDM Solutions: Just One in Four
  • MAM Services Are Also Underused

    Although applications are one of the biggest security threats in mobile, just 36% of companies are using mobile application management services to keep their network secure.
    10-MAM Services Are Also Underused
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