CIOs and CMOs Duel to Control Mobile Web Strategy

By Karen A. Frenkel  |  Posted 10-31-2013 Email Print this article Print

CMOs want to be more involved in determining mobile web strategy and direction because key performance metrics, like incremental sales, conversion and brand equity are directly influenced by an organization's ability to optimize its Websites for mobile devices. CMOs also want to invest more in the technological solutions required to deliver on these indicators. But how does this sit with CIOs, who must support cross-organizational goals, and manage multiple demands for limited resources. What are the specific points of contention? Can these differences be resolved with a joint CMO-CIO approach? Or should there be an entirely new seat at the executive table?

Mobile web applications host Netbiscuits asked these and other questions about mobile web strategy in its CIO-CMO Survey of 300 CIOs, CMOs and other C-level executives. Market research firm Vanson Bourne conducted interviews in September 2013. All organizations represented are enterprise companies with more than 100 employees, 25 percent of which have more than 5,000 employees. Two hundred participants were interviewed in the U.S. and 100 were interviewed in the U.K. For more about the survey, click here.

  • CMOs vs. CIOs on Customer Engagement

    44% of CMOs vs. 29% of CIOs say it is critically important to improve customer engagement.
    2-CMOs vs. CIOs on Customer Engagement
  • Who Most Influences Mobile Strategy?

    44% of CIOs hold the reigns. Joint ownership accounts for 27%. CMOs have sole ownership in only 20% of organizations.
    3-Who Most Influences Mobile Strategy?
  • How Should Ownership of Mobile Change?

    Only 18% of CIOs think mobile web strategy should become a CMO function. But 51% of CMOs believe they should gain more ownership.
    4-How Should Ownership of Mobile Change?
  • What Other C-Suite Executives Think

    20% of other C-Suite executives say they prefer CIOs to own the mobile strategy space, whereas 14% put CMOs in front.
    5-What Other C-Suite Executives Think
  • How About Co-Ownership?

    23% of CIOs think the joint approach is desirable, compared to 9% of CMOs. But 30% of other C-Suite executives favor such a solution.
    6-How About Co-Ownership?
  • Quality Assurance and Testing

    Websites are tested on approximately 10 devices according to Netbiscuits, omitting as much as 52% of mobile traffic.
    7-Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Testing and Load Time

    50% of CMOs say testing is critically or very important to improving customer experience, in contrast to 74% of CIOs.
    8-Testing and Load Time
  • How Fast is Fast?

    Both groups want sites to be faster (90%), but they disagree on how much faster. 40% of CIOs favor three-second load times, compared to 24% CMOs.
    9-How Fast is Fast?
  • So, Who Wins?

    According to Netbiscuits, winners will be organizations that establish a structure that maximizes reach, improves conversion rates, and reduces time to market regardless of ownership. Both CMOs and CIOs have the valid expertise required for a coherent mobile web strategy and company growth.
    10-So, Who Wins?
Karen A. Frenkel writes about technology and innovation and lives in New York City.


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