CIOs Face Major Mobile Management Challenges

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 09-24-2013 Email Print this article Print

Most CIOs realize that there are many important issues associated with the rise of bring your own device (BYOD). But a new survey from CDW makes it clear as to how wide-ranging—and potentially serious—these issues are. For starters, both IT employees and professionals who use personal, mobile devices for work (a.k.a., BYODers) say there is a "support gap" in making sure these devices are up and running and able to access the company network. IT pros say they definitely expect BYOD to increase demand for bandwidth, server and storage requirements, among other needs. And, of course, there are a host of security issues that speak to the urgency for well-communicated BYOD best-practices policies. "Mobility has edged its way into the workplace, increasing and complicating IT's workload, often leading to frustration on all fronts," says Andrea Bradshaw, senior director and general manager over mobility solutions for CDW. "Securing devices will always be a significant concern. But protecting users and employers is only one of [a number of] key aspects of mobility management at work." Exactly 1,200 IT professionals took part in the research, in addition to 1,200 workers who use personal tablets and smartphones for work. For more about the survey, click here

  • Bumpy Transition

    92% of IT professionals say their organization has encountered challenges with BYOD.
    1-Bumpy Transition
  • Top BYOD Challenges

    Securing data: 55%, Securing network access: 54%, Ensuring network performance: 39%
    2-Top BYOD Challenges
  • Heavy Lifting

    90% of IT pros expect the growing use of personal devices to impact their organization, including the increase of bandwidth requirements (63%), server requirements (44%), network latency (39%) and storage needs (37%).
    3-Heavy Lifting
  • Scope Creep

    54% of BYODers say they use their devices for business apps beyond just phone calls and e-mails.
    4-Scope Creep
  • Free for All

    78% of companies do not limit the apps that employees can load on a personal device.
    5-Free for All
  • Communication Breakdown

    Only half of IT pros actually talk to employees about how they use personal devices for work.
    6-Communication Breakdown
  • Personal Business

    86% of BYODers say they access or save work-related information on their mobile device.
    7-Personal Business
  • Well Equipped

    52% of employees use more than one device.
    8-Well Equipped
  • Missing Link

    One in 20 have lost a personal device they use for work—or have had it stolen. This significantly increases the chances for a data leak or breach.
    9-Missing Link
  • Faulty Game Plan

    Three-quarters of IT pros say their organization offers guidelines for the use of personal mobile devices, but just 42% of BYODers say this is true.
    10-Faulty Game Plan
  • Mixed Opinions

    64% of IT pros would give their organization's BYOD policies and tech support a "B" grade or better, compared to just 41% of BYODers who would grade IT that high.
    11-Mixed Opinions
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.


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