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  • President Obama has identified cyber-security as a top national security challenge and has ordered a review of federal efforts to defend the U.S. information and communications infrastructure. The goal is to develop a comprehensive approach to securing America's digital infrastructure. While your organization may not have the budget, resources, experts or technology of our national government, organizations of all sizes can benefit from applying the same security approaches as the Department of Homeland Security to their own enterprise security, said Brian Beyer, CEO of Red Canary. The company specializes in threat detection and response. National security, and intelligence in particular, is driven by access to information (vulnerabilities and threats) and the ability to refine that information into actionable intelligence to identify, investigate and respond to an attack immediately. Here are Beyer's tips to help you defend your business.

  • Best-selling author, speaker and programming instructor Kathy Sierra takes an unorthodox approach to creating a great user experience.