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  • When a vendor is performing well, the client may have a tendency to relax governance requirements and routines—but this can lead to trouble. 

  • Given the benefits to both employees and employers, there should be stratospheric adoption of BYOD across all industries—but this isn’t the case.

  • The Platform Economy is driving the most profound global economic change since the Industrial Revolution, and understanding its nuances is essential.

  • Serving on a customer advisory board brings significant insight and value—but it’s important to choose one that is a good fit.

  • Digital platforms are the key to innovative business models and quality customer interaction.

  • The CTO of Deloitte Consulting shares some advice for CIOs undertaking a digital transition: It will challenge IT to grow beyond business as usual.

  • Cyber-criminals have an uncanny ability to stay under the radar for long periods of time—making the difficult business of cyber-protection even more difficult. Cyber-security is an ever-evolving undertaking, and the need for enterprises to reassess their security tools is constant. In recent case studies on cyber-security conducted by network security monitoring firm Damballa, a light is cast on the nefarious lives of cyber-thieves. The study, "Q1 2016 State of Infections Report," reveals just how easy it is to purchase or rent havoc-causing malware. "It's no small feat to keep up with how cyber-criminals operate. Attackers have an incredibly vibrant underground community where they can buy or rent anything from command-and-control infrastructure to sophisticated exploit kits to bare metal malware," said Steven Newman, CTO of Damballa. "While this report highlights several themes that our Threat Discovery Center has followed over the past several months, one common factor is that you never know what to expect from threat actors." The findings result from an eight-month study of Pony Loader malware, and the measures cyber-criminals took to evade detection. Leave-no-trace-malware, like Destover, can be wiped, which helps attackers stay under the radar for months. The report also found that the path of least resistance makes "dumb" malware, like MegalodonHTTP, appealing to criminals. Highlights of the findings regarding Pony Loader are below. 

  • By partnering with the business to improve print services, CIOs can significantly reduce enterprisewide costs per printed document.