10 Ways Social Media Is Transforming Businesses

10  Ways Social Media Is Transforming Businesses

Brainstorm SessionsBrainstorm Sessions

Managers and employees collaborate on everything from office parties to new customer strategies, thereby increasing the workforce’s engagement and sense of company ownership.

Identity RecognitionIdentity Recognition

Senior leadership—including the CEO—gain direct, immediate access to what employees do and how they feel about daily operations and long-term strategies. Thus, workers are no longer faceless entities in a crowd.

Flat Organization SocietyFlat Organization Society

Rigid, hierarchy-rooted procedures and policies are dismantled, as the flat, socially adept organization encourages employees to lead.

Name GameName Game

Once-impressive sounding job titles are becoming relics, as professionals are more valued for their roles and contributions.

Virtual WorkersVirtual Workers

No one needs to put in excessive office hours for the sheer sake of being visible in the workplace. When everyone is contributing via social tools and mobility, in-office hours are increasingly irrelevant.

It's Business—and PersonalIt’s Business—and Personal

The lines are continuously blurring between one’s private and professional life. You’ll find users’ business-related social media posts alongside their family and pet pictures.

Driver's SeatDriver’s Seat

Job candidates have increased leverage, due to their greater savvy about a potential employer. They’re also more knowledgeable about what they can ask for in terms of a salary and other perks.

Moving TargetMoving Target

Professionals no longer aspire to be the company employee. Instead, many join the “nano corps” of fluid groups that get a big project done at one organization and then move on to another challenge.

All EarsAll Ears

Social media has caused companies to stop talking at customers by dictating product and services delivery and start listening to what these customers are posting about their brands—and corporate reputation.

Plot LinePlot Line

With increased investment in content, companies now seek “the great story” to tell to consumers/target audiences, who are on social media looking to be inspired.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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