10 Ways to Lead Like Machiavelli

10 Ways to Lead Like Machiavelli

1-Tap Into Your Inner Good WolfTap Into Your Inner Good Wolf

An effective leader of the pack knows how to use positive incentives and collaboration to create IT staff loyalty and commitment.

2-Avoid the Weaknesses of Your Inner LambAvoid the Weaknesses of Your Inner Lamb

Many execs want to be a good-guy boss, but it doesn’t mean you should say “yes” when “no” is necessary, just to be liked.

3-Strategize Like an AnimalStrategize Like an Animal

Because animals are often embattled and hunted. Just as CIOs are threatened by the extraordinary rate of change in IT, increased expectations and shrinking revenues and resources.

4-Know When Not to FightKnow When Not to Fight

Strong leaders know when a battle is a likely loss proposition. They live to fight another day for a more worthwhile—and winnable—opportunity.

5-Take Calculated RisksTake Calculated Risks

When research and knowledge results in gambles that pay off, you build a reputation as a visionary to be taken seriously.

6-Prepare for Expanded Turf to ManagePrepare for Expanded Turf to Manage

The scope of what a CIO oversees will only grow over time, as nearly all major, mission-critical organization initiatives simply can’t exist without IT.

7-Practice the Good Use of PowerPractice the Good Use of Power

Power can corrupt, but not if you view it as a means of making positive things happen for your organization and department.

8-Delegate Power ThoughtfullyDelegate Power Thoughtfully

Your capability to maintain power is only as strong as the weakest link to who you entrust it.

9-Don't Over-Seek InputDon’t Over-Seek Input

You should only ask for input when it’s needed to improve the outcome of an IT initiative—not because you want everyone to feel included.

10-Recognize the Power—and Vulnerabilities—Created by MoneyRecognize the Power—and Vulnerabilities—Created by Money

A big IT budget means you and your department command clout. But it makes you a target for criticism and defunding, especially if you haven’t achieved success and a strong ROI.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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