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The Stealth Software Vendor

By Mel Duvall  |  Posted 11-21-2006 Print
Who is the No. 3 enterprise software company? You may be surprised.

Quick. See if you can name the third biggest enterprise software company in the world.

SAP and Oracle have the top two spots nailed down, but who's next? SAS Institute? CA? Sage Group? Microsoft?

How about Infor Global Solutions?

If that name registered a complete blank, you would be far from alone. Infor, which is headquartered in Atlanta, claims to be the third biggest enterprise software company in the world, but it has an identity—or lack of identity—problem.

Over the past four years, the venture capital-backed private company has quietly snapped up a host of players in the enterprise software market—some with familiar names, like SSA Global, Mapics, Epiphany, Extensity, Geac, Systems Union and Formation Systems. Infor has forged a collection of primarily mid-market players into a sizable conglomerate with annual revenue of about $2.2 billion, says chief executive Jim Schaper.


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