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Although Apple's iPhone 4 is experiencing antenna issues that could turn some enterprise customers away, the company's devices are host to some of the best smartphone applications available for CIOs. Currently, Apple offers more than 240,000 applications in its App Store. Many of these are games and other titles designed for consumers, but there are several that focus squarely on the enterprise space. Even better, there are several programs available for Apple's smartphone that are ideal for the typical CIO who needs to not only be productive while running a company, but also be able to perform basic work functions while away from a computer. Whether it is the ability to send a fax from the device, or to simply edit some documents sent from employees, CIOs must be productive no matter where they are. Staying productive is not always easy with a smartphone, but with the right iPhone apps, and a willingness to drop a few bucks, it is at least possible. Read on to take a look at some outstanding iPhone apps that would come in handy on any CIO's iPhone. Compare these with our 9 favorite CIO-ready Droid apps.


PRICE: $9.99What it does: The software supports access to Apple's MobileMe, Dropbox, Google Docs, and Box.net.Why you need it: This is ideal for any CIO who needs to do more than simply view and edit Office documents. With just a few taps of different options in the app, you can access content from cloud storage applications, download them to your iPhone, and transfer them to employees. And, if an important file arrives via e-mail that you want to access later on a PC, it can be uploaded to any of those services from within QuickOffice Connect. Added bonus: you can edit Word documents and Excel spreadsheets inside the app.

This article was originally published on 07-15-2010
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