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Apple iOS 4.3 to Offer Subscription Billing for Apps

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 11-25-2010 Print
Apple will push through an iOS 4.3 update in December, according to new reports, with a subscription-billing capability for apps. A new tablet-only daily newspaper from Rupert Murdoch's publishing empire could be the first such app.

Apple could launch iOS 4.3 in a few weeks, following closely on its iOS 4.2 update for mobile devices.

According to the blog MacStories, itself quoting an unnamed "reliable source," Apple is building iOS 4.3 to include not only the usual maintenance tweaks and bug fixes, but also "subscription billing APIs."

Rumors of subscription-billing apps have come alongside news that Apple and News Corp are preparing to launch an iPad-only newspaper, The Daily, in early 2011. News Corp magnate Rupert Murdoch seemed to confirm details of the publication in a Nov. 9 interview with The Australian Financial Review. "I'm starting a paper in six weeks," he reportedly said. "It will only be seen on tablets. It will only employ journalists--and maybe eight to 10 technicians."

John Gruber at Daring Fireball believes that Apple and News Corp will schedule The DailyÂ's formal unveiling for early December. "The date I've heard is Dec. 9, but that's a Thursday, which would be somewhat unusual for an Apple press event," he wrote in a Nov. 22 posting. "My guess is that they're telling people Dec. 9 but it might slip back to Tuesday or Wednesday the week after."

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