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BlackBerry 4G PlayBook Due from Sprint

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 01-07-2011 Print
RIM has announced the BlackBerry 4G PlayBook, available exclusively to Sprint customers. From the looks of it, the PlayBook could be quite a success when it launches later this year.

When Research In Motion first announced the BlackBerry PlayBook, some were skeptical about its appeal. After all, the tablet boasts a 7-inch display--smaller than the iPad's 9.7-inch screen--and it lacks the ability to connect to 3G. The only option available to users away from a Wi-Fi connection is to tether the device with a BlackBerry smartphone. For a device designed with enterprise customers in mind, it didn't sound all that promising.

But little did critics know at the time that RIM had a trump card up its sleeve. The company has announced a new version of the BlackBerry PlayBook, called the BlackBerry 4G PlayBook, which will feature both Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity. It will be made available exclusively on Sprint's network.

Adding 4G to a version of the BlackBerry PlayBook was a smart move on RIM's part. And although the fate of its BlackBerry PlayBook is still in doubt, it seems quite likely that the BlackBerry 4G PlayBook will be a success.

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