Developers Pick VMware Cloud Foundry as Top Cloud Platform: Survey

Results of an Evans Data survey show that developers view VMware s Cloud Foundry as the overall best cloud development platform.

According to a recent Evans Data survey, VMware's Cloud Foundry was seen as the best Platform as a Service (PAAS) cloud development platform by developers polled.

In the survey, only those developers who use a particular platform were asked to rank the attributes of the platform. Cloud Foundry achieved the highest overall score, while IBM's cloud offerings ranked first among developers targeting private clouds, and Google ranked first with public cloud developers.

"The top three competitors were very close, with one appealing to private cloud development, one to public and Cloud Foundry appealing to both, said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data Corp., in a statement "This is important because many cloud deployments are hybrid clouds blending private, public and on-premises instances. Flexibility is key."

Evans Data officials said the survey looked at 14 different cloud platform attributes and asked users to rate each one for the clouds they use. Cloud Foundry was strongest in reliability, supplied development tools and price for service and storage among others, while IBM's top scores included best security, proven expertise, and auto-scaling, and Google was seen as the vendor with the most market potential and best vision for the future, Evans Data officials said.

"The ultimate compliment any product can receive is when it comes directly from developers, and that's why the entire Cloud Foundry team is honored to have been selected as the number one provider for cloud services in the Evans Data user survey," said Jerry Chen, vice president of Cloud and Application Services at VMware, in a statement. "Cloud Foundry was recognized for providing choice with an open PAAS to developers - not only the choice of deployment clouds, but also choice of frameworks and application services. We are pleased to see developers appreciate the open PAAS Cloud Foundry provides."

Evans data officials said the Evans Data User s Choice user satisfaction surveys are not vendor sponsored and are conducted several times a year, focusing on platforms and tools that are important to software development. They are published as a service to the development community and provide competitive user satisfaction scores on technologies such as application servers, software configuration management tools, databases, software development platforms and developer programs.

Moreover, Evans Data provides regularly updated IT industry market intelligence based on in-depth surveys of the global developer population. Evans' syndicated research includes surveys focused on developers in a wide variety of subjects. The company also engages in private research efforts.

This article was originally published on 11-21-2011
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