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FBI Reportedly Investigating Gawker Hack

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 12-14-2010 Print
According to reports, the FBI has opened an investigation into the hack that compromised Gawker Media's Websites.

The FBI is looking into the recent hack of Gawker Media that exposed password information and e-mail addresses belonging to users, according to reports.

A group known as "Gnosis" has taken credit for the attack, and put the data it swiped into a file that was initially available via The Pirate Bay.

Rumors of the hack began to circulate Dec. 11, and Gawker confirmed them with a warning a day later. According to the company, the breach impacted users of several sites, including users of Gizmodo, Gawker and Deadspin. In addition, the attackers made off with user names and passwords for Gawker's staff, as well as Gawker's source code and chat logs of discussions between employees.

The password information was encrypted, but was still vulnerable to being cracked -- a fact underscored by the subsequent compromise of Twitter accounts belonging to some users. Many of those passwords were simplistic -- an analysis by Duo Security found the most common passwords were "123456" and "password."


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