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Google's Web Search Domination Continues

By Reuters  |  Posted 09-19-2008 Print
Google opened up its lead over Yahoo and Microsoft, both of which saw small drops in market share.

Google extended an already wide lead in the U.S. Web search to 63.0 percent share of the market in August, its biggest monthly gain in five months, a report said on Thursday.

Yahoo, the No. 2 player in the U.S. Web search market saw its share of the business drop 0.9 percent to 19.6 from July while Microsoft, the No. 3 U.S. player, slipped 0.6 percent to 8.3 percent, according to comScore.

IAC InterActiveCorp's Ask.com grew 0.3 percent to retain its fourth-place ranking while Time Warner's AOL edged up 0.1 percent to 4.3 percent, according to August monthly data published by the market research firm said.

Google's growing share of Web search and, by extension, its even larger role in the related market for Web search advertising, has lead rivals and some industry trade groups to complain to competition regulators in the United and Europe.

ComScore estimates that the number of searches performed by U.S. Web surfers on the five top search engines was virtually unchanged at 11.75 billion searches compared with July. The figure excludes searches users perform for mapping, local directory information or user-generated videos, it said.

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