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Thanksgiving Day Search Terms Targeted By Hackers

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 11-25-2010 Print
Security researcher CyberDefender is warning that attackers are targeting users searching online for Thanksgiving Day invitations.

Expanding their focus from Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, cyber-criminals are also targeting invitations to Thanksgiving dinner, security researchers warned on Nov. 24.

Users searching for Thanksgiving Day invitations online may encounter dangerous malware, according to a security alert posted by CyberDefender Research Labs. The researchers found a "high concentration" of fake anti-virus products that can steal data from infected computers.

Keyword combinations included "Thanksgiving Lunch Invitations," "Thanksgiving Invitation Template" and "Thanksgiving Printable Invitations." Out of 50 search results for each of the three phrases, nearly 20 directed users to infected URLs, according to the alert.

If the user clicks on the link, they are shown a scam page that claims their computer is infected with malware and should download the tool to clean up the infection.

Security researchers found Smart Engine, a variant of the Virus Doctor family, as one of the fake software being downloaded. This Trojan attempts to prevent genuine anti-virus programs from running, and users are unable to quarantine and remove the malware from the machine.

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